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Thread: Desprate disc update

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    Desprate disc update

    Im one of thoes people that had my wii modded by someone eles..

    I have no clue what version i have, i don't know where to look, im a total noob when it comes to this and i hardly understand what i found in searching.

    I'm sorry if this has been answered but im soo desperate to get this flipping game working, that i just paid for.

    so here is my problem....

    I know i have HBC installed and i have the neogamma installed...

    wii fit works fine and any other games that i have burned.

    i bought a game today, when i put it in it says for me to update the disc channle
    i know that i shouldn't do that cuz it will brick the wii?

    so i tried loading it with neo and it loads the first screens then it freezes when it gets to the part to load the actual game.

    in noob terms what do i have to do? i searched and searched, i don't know how to update.

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    So many people find out the hard way why the should have modded themselves. Whoever did yours did not install priiloader for you, otherwise you would never see the update screen. Start with THIS FAQ just to get yourself somewhat up to speed on whats going on. You could post a syscheck here for us to see what you have in there too. Telling us what game you are having the issue may help too, we have a list of problematic games that tells you what you need to do to get them working. Now that I have typed all of this, if you make an introduction post you will get a nice welcome message from one of our welcome agents and it will have a lot of very useful links for you. Take your time and so some reading, the more you read the better you will understand and the better we will be able to help you.

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    Install priiloader. It will block the online & disc updates.

    Edit: skell's replt is a bit better
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    okay i have made a introduction post not sure why it doesnt show up but most of the language used i dont get a blond female..lolz i guess im going to try something and let you know whats up and its the biggest looser
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