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Thread: Megaman 10 DLC problem

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    Question Megaman 10 DLC problem

    Hello everyone

    I am having problems installing a wad of the DLC for Megaman 10. I tried everything and searched every possible things I should do to get it to work but I still fail...

    1) I already installed the latest version of IOS 56 (v5662)
    2) I researched and found out that it won't work if you weren't able to agree to the terms for using the wii online. I tried that but it won't let me access the Shop Channel and asks me to update my Wii. What I did to bypass this was I used AnyRegionChanger 1.1b and set the EULA to "read". After that, I still can't access the shop channel because it says it is not offered in my region.
    3) I installed Megaman 10 as wad first before installing the DLC. I'm sure both wads are NTSC.

    My Wii is originally a Korean version that has been region changed to US. Its current version is 4.2U

    I'm really lost about this. Can you guys give me any more suggestions on how to get the DLC to work?


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    There is a guide somewhere for updating the shop channel, once done you will be able to buy the game.

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    Buy your games and DLC from Nintendo and you will not have such problems, thread closed.


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