CONSaver can help you get back all those corrupt saves from a banned Xbox 360 Profile/Console.


Place your KV.bin into the Resources folder, it is best to use your KV.bin from an ibuild extraction to ensure the correct size (Size on disk should be 16,384 bytes. If you use a KV.bin that is not from the nand you are going to be using your gamesaves on, the resigning process will fail for games that require the Console ID to be correct.

Create a save (any game) using the Profile you wish to recover the saves to, console and the storage device you wish to transfer the corrupt games saves to and copy that save to your PC. in CONSaver, go to settings, click open... and point to the newly created game save. It will get the Profile ID, Console ID and Device ID out of the game save to use for uncorrupting other gamesaves.

For FTP, set your FTP settings under Settings, then just click download, select the profiles you wish to use and click ok. Once you are done with the files just click upload and it will upload the edited files to you Xbox 360. Local FTP content will be deleted when you close CONSaver.

For Local files, click 'Add...' and point to either the root directory containing all your gamesaves or to a folder containing a single gamesave and click ok. Now just click UnCorrupt to scan through and uncorrupt and profile that is corrupt. You cannot use FTP upload for Local Files unless you put the local folders in '/FTP/' and in the E* folder.

This will not allow you to trade gamerprofiles between profiles for some games, it will only allow you to transfer saves from your old console onto your new one.

This is for everyone wondering about the KV.bin

The KV.bin is not REQUIRED from the console you are putting the saves onto UNLESS one of your saves is Forza 3 or Braid (I am unsure if any other games require it). If you do not have one of these games or do not mind if you cannot transfer them across or dont have a way to get your KV.bin, then you can obtain a KV.bin from many other applications such as le fluffie (or basically any other resigner application out there)

All game saves store your Console ID in 2 locations, 0x36C which is the location which most games use, but some games such as Forza 3 also cross check it with the second location at 0x6. Changing 0x6 changes the signiture in the CON file and requires it to be resigned, resigning requires a KV.bin to resign it correctly. If a KV.bin is used that is not from that console that you wish to use the saves on, then the value at 0x6 (which is the second location for the Console ID) gets altered to the console ID of the KV.bin used, due to the resigning process. Therefor, games such as Forza 3 will see that save as corrupt and wont load it.

99% of games do not use the value at 0x6, and may only use 0x36C to get the console ID. A KV.bin is only needed from your console for that 1% of games, otherwise a generic KV.bin is fine to use.

Download CONSaver v1.4.8


[version 1.4.8]
+added gamerpic view
+added gamerpic extraction (right click gamerpic)
+added STFS folder batch extraction (in context menu)
+removed " showing instead of special characters as it was creating issues with
STFS folder extraction
+added progress meter from Uncorrupting, but it uncorrupts so fast that the
progress meter cant keep up
+added save count
+redesigned the gui, so that the log and list view are resizable
+the log now gets saved to Log.txt on closing
+small bugs, error checks
+updated X360.dll to v1.0.0.41
+added the ability to set profiles to off-line, cant reverse so a backup is made (right click profiles)
+possibly something that im forgetting