DS2x86, the DOS emulator made by Pate exclusively for Supercard DSTwo, has been updated to version 0.22 Beta.

There are two versions of DSx86, the original DSx86.nds for all common flash carts, and a new version called DS2x86.plg for the SuperCard DSTwo flash cart. The difference is in the CPU and memory emulation available (and since DS2x86 is much newer, it is still missing some features that are supported in the original DSx86). Also, the original DSx86 can be run on a Nintendo DSi in a DSi mode, if you have a suitable flash cart (like the CycloDS iEvolution). This mode gives more CPU speed and more memory available to DSx86.


Implemented new INI file items TPMXScale and TPMYScale.
Fixed key repeat handling with extended keycodes (Frontier)
Improved graphics mode change detection again (Albion)

DS2x86 v0.22 Beta
Source- DSx86 by Patrick Aalto