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Thread: Can't play multiplayer on softmodded wii.....

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    Can't play multiplayer on softmodded wii.....

    Hi, I have softmodded about 6 wiis now. I recently softmodded a 4.3u wii using the indiana pwns hack using mauifrogs softmod any wii guide. I use a usb hdd through cfg loader. No games work on multiplayer for some reason. I have done this indiana pwns hack on 2 other 4.3u wiis and multiplayer works fine. Also I used Joostinonline's update all your ios's guide to update everything. Thank you.

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    By multiplayer I don't mean online... I mean the controllers sync fine until a game is started. Then when I try to sync more than one wiimote when game is started. It doesn't work. Single player works fine.


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