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Thread: Dual Layer Problems

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    Dual Layer Problems

    Hi 6 months ago everything worked fine for me with my softmodded Wii.
    But now when i try to play a dual layer game i get the dvd error 1252 out of nowhere.

    I havent played on the wii for 6 months and dont know what got this problem started out of nowhere.
    To explain:

    Allot of games just works fine on the wii, all originals and some none-dual layer copies, do still work.
    but when i try to play Samurai Warriors 3 and Donkey Kong Country Returns
    on Neogamma R9. i got the 1252 error, the wierd thing is tho that 6 months
    ago those games just worked fine, no problems at all. and even better those are the same copys as 6 months ago.
    and nothing has changed since then i still use Cios57rev19 slot 249.

    So i thought maybe the dvds got worn out with scratches so it wouldnt be readable anymore.
    but when i tried new copys i still get error 1252.

    So does anyone know the problem and how to fix this? Please.

    (yes, i tried USB loader, but i get the ret -6 error, so that wont work either for me)
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    maybe your laser is going out on you? and FYI a lot has changed in the world of cIOS..

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