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Thread: Hardware Brick - nand.bin recovery into another Wii?

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    Hardware Brick - nand.bin recovery into another Wii?


    My wii ist dead - Hardware Brick.
    But i have a a nand Backup - nand.bin, keys.bin.
    There are a lot savegames ans others in my nand.bin

    How can i install th NAND BackUp from my bricked Wii on another Wii?

    My Bricked Wii was a BootMii as IOS Wii.
    My new Wii is a BootMii as Boot2 Wii.

    Thank you very much!

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    I am pretty sure the nand is specific to the wii it is from. You are out of luck there. If you have backed up your game saves with savegame manager or similar app then you could transfer them to your new wii.


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