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Thread: Is this the Correct forum for was Manager Problems ?

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    Angry Is this the Correct forum for was Manager Problems ?

    Ok, so I re-SoftModded my Wii with this guide

    and it worked GREAT! got my HDD on the USB, and "Backup" Disk games, I even learned how to Stream Movies from my Pc to it, Good times,..


    Im trying to install Wiiware / VC game, and the WAD manaagers Ive tried dont run anymore, does anyone know why I get the
    mounting error ret -1

    Then it drops back to the Dashboard.

    I have previously Got my Wads installed, with the manager, Megaman9 for example,

    I also have logged onto the web with it, BUT NOT WIICONNECT24 that is disabled,

    I hope thats not what I did wrong, loggin on, there hasnt been any updates, that Ive seen, as I dont leave it plugged in over night,

    I am now getting Orange Led for Standby mode(used to be Red)
    I have used PriiLoader to block updates,

    Thanks anyone for help here.
    its getting a little frustrating, that thanks to Wiihacks, Ive made my wii into a media centre but cant install wiiware / VC.


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    If you buy the wiiware from the shopping channel then you wouldn't have this problem.
    We dont support Piracy...


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