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Thread: How to audit my system?

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    How to audit my system?

    I did hack my 4.2 awhile ago and now I don't remember how I did it, most everything works, but few things I have issues with, and I would like to know what is the best way to go about it. Basicaly I would like to know how to audit my system, what IOS or Cios I've got what would be better to replace it with. -I would like to be able to load wiiware preferably off dvd if possible, or sd card if not. -I would like to be able to play gamecube games I only tried one that is in pal system, on US system, but it didn't work, I think my drive is capable of it, because I can play backups through DVD, so maybe it was the pal issue? -I still can't play COD Black Ops, I know there is a whole thread about it, but I think it was all about multiplayer, I'm only interested in signle player, so maybe one cios update would fix it? I searched and couldn't find an answer to that! (it hangs on loading if I remember)-how to make the USB Loader GX 2.1 show up in channels (I used to have the 1.x, then soemthing happend and stopped working properly, I removed it, got the 2,x, but can't figure out how to get rid of loading it through homebrew channel)If you can don't ask my what I've got currently, rather what would be the best to have and where to get it. I know I should search, but and a it's a VERY big BUT. Issue with search is, it just reports WAAAAAAAY too much information back and it's super hard to weed out which way is the easiest, most optimal, newest, etc. That is a huge problem overload of information, so all I'm asking is for links to most updated threads, that are being kept up to date on the front page, and not on page 233 out 550 (of which 400 is just thank you's)If you've seen this type of request all the time and you're annoyed, please move along, don't give me "DIY", let people that are new and not bored with the same questions chance to answer. If my thread is super obnoxious, I guess please delete it. I'll live with what I've got.thx(I just did preview and it seems like the board posts this as a one big sentence. That was not my intention, Yikes!)

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    you have a lot of questions/issues there. read that, then look at the black ops is what you need to get it to work. Mauifrog's softmod any wii guide (in my signature) would be useful too. I think the faq i linked will link you to a syscheck guide as well.


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