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Thread: Need Help on General Questions

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    Need Help on General Questions

    Hello, i have read the tutorials as much as possible. I am still lost though, i know these are noob questions but its just easier to ask then read ten hours worth of stuff. My girlfriend has a wii, and has the gamma back up loader, and the shark thing? Im not around it so i cant remember the proper names. Basically, what do i need to do to get games to run. Do i need a double layer burner, or will a normal one work? Do i need a special program to burn games. Can i just use a regular DVD. I know the mod chip is easier, but thats not what she has. Just really confused on what i need to try. Since the majority of stuff is for the mod chips. Is DVD discs ok, can i just burn them from windows media player, is my normal burner ok to use, do i have to burn it a special way. I think that is the few questions i needed answered for now. I cant remember anything else, plus im trying to keep it simple and short. Thank you in advanced, i hope this is in the right place, if it isnt please move it so its not in the way.

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    Go and introduce yourself and someone will be welcome you with all you need to know.
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    Try reading THIS thread first, it will get you the basics. Once you understand it then you will be better equipped to fix your problem or ask better questions.


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