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Thread: Wii Hackers Handbooks, everything made simple!

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    Wii Hackers Handbooks, everything made simple!

    This isnt a all in one, more of a expansion of the original "please read" post, i adapted the idea, to make a more logical and in depth explanation for everything making it easier for everyone.

    Table of Contents
    • Commonly asked questions
    • Can i use a Chip?
    • how to install Homebrew
    • Homebrew apps help, and needed info.
    • SD Card arrangement
    • Dumping a game, so you can use backups!
    • Burning, a ISO made easy!

    Commonly asked questions
    More or less, here are a few amazing topics to give you a good idea, on understanding the wii

    before i start, i thought i would give you this:

    that is most, and some of the most commonly used terms, that is to give you a good idea of the lingo, and how to apply it to so you can figure things out faster. I'm constantly adding to it, and always looking for more info for it so feel free to post there with a question.

    another great set of topics are:

    both of those guides, give you a lot of commonly asked questions, and simple solutions, if you got a issue, i would look there first, if you dont find it then. look here:

    Can i use a Chip

    at this point, you might want to buy a chip to make playing backups easier, you can use homebrew channel mentioned bellow, but its no where near as good or easy to use as a chip.

    first get your Serial number then:

    if you have "black glue" or epoxy, then you can scrap it off, there are a lot of methods, just look around for the one you feel best with. some sites also remove it, and install for you.

    How to install Homebrew

    well, im sure many people at this point, would like, or need help installing Homebrew channel, so i would go here:
    [list][*]Gamma, starfall, and downgrading made easy by Canada
    or you can go here:

    and if for whatever reason you cant get Canada's downgrade to work try this!

    it is recommended to use 3.2 for mostly starfall which block bricks, and its the most homebrew compatible, you can use anything to date, and be fine, but it is recommended to downgrade. use either link, their both good, and if one doesn't help you try the other before posting, just remember Beta 1 is for anything but 3.4, and Beta 2 is for 3.4.

    Homebrew apps help, and needed info.

    ok,a lot of people ask me, or the forum. "what are the best apps" im gonna tell you going into it, there are only two, great apps. the rest are only if you're interested in it, or need it
    • Wad Manager
    • Gecko OS

    so, i know what youre thinking, i dont really understand how to use these programs, so i thought i would make this easier!

    since some people want to have homebrew channel programs, as channels, theres a simple program to do this Called "WADder" its very noob proof, and you just install like any other wad.

    how to arange a SD card, for using homebrew channel using some common apps

    SD Card Root (anything that looks like the apps, should be folders you see when u first open the SD card)
    -apps (you make it to put programs in)
    ...|____ program name (name it something youll remember)
    .......|______ boot.dol (and any other needed files, you for the most part only need that to use a program)
    -cheats (the folder, code manager, makes to put your codes in, gecko OS, and ocarina, use this folder to load cheats)
    ...|___ .GCT (just drag and drop files, that you want to use to cheat)
    -wad (you have to make it, but its only used, when you install wad manager)
    ...|___ .wad files (this is where you put .wad files, you plan on using for wad manager)
    -Private (the folder the wii makes, when you put a game save on it)
    ...|_____ wii
    .............|__________ game code (each game is respersented by a game id, RF7J = Tatsunoko vs capcom, so on and so forth, youll figure it out dont worry)
    -WIISAVES (only appears, when you use save extractor)
    ...|_ GAME ID (youll see the save in a folder, based off its game ID animal crossing NTSC/U =RUUE)

    Dumping a game, so you can use backups!

    there are a few drive out there, that can do it, but since most people just use the free route you can search what drives can do it, their mentioned in E3's guide to burning a ISO too, but this is how you use homebrew to dump a game via wifi!

    Burning a ISO made easy!

    at this point, you should be able to, or atleast thinking how, to get backups working. there are many places to obtain them, just look around for them, or make your own. once you do that, there is a great guide to make it overly simple!

    Helpful Extra's

    since a lot of people, are unsure where is the best place to get games, and such, here are 2 great posts to get wiiware/VC titles

    for backed up games, the "best" would be ntorrents, but they require a invite to use =\, you can request one elsewhere but its not a 100% thing.

    i hope this expansion of the original, where i wrote out what everything is, makes it easier to use.

    Thank you

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    thx man verry handy
    having problems? ask me
    i can help you

    need a sig help XD

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    thanks for this great tutorial

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    This sounds great and i look forward to doing this homebrew... Ive modded psps and loved it... Thanks for ur guide

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    thats a real nice piece of work there admiral

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    ive burned the iso image onto a dvd and run it in homebrew but none of the launchers i use seem to work: back up launcher, disc channel or wii backup launcher. can anyone help

    3 days confined to the reading room should help you find the answer

    DO NOT post questions in the guide section
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    great work dude!

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    this knowledge is like sex, only not as good .
    very, VERY, helpful


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