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Thread: xbox 360 questions

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    xbox 360 questions

    ok my brother wants his xbox modding but need a little info

    what do you need to mod the xbox?

    do you need to take the top of it or can it be done through usb?

    how hard is it lol?
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    He will need to be able to get at the drive,so weather its flashed with a via card or using a lizard or x360usb,its still needs to come out the 360.There really easy to open,then find out what drive it is an as said follow jf tutorial for your drive. if using a pc with a spare card slot get a via card,if using laptop or pc without card slot space use a lizard or x360 usb.If he's got a liteon drive get a probe 3 as well, and a ck3/pro comes in handy and makes things easier,but its not needed really as u can power the drive with the 360, it just makes things easier if you have to power cycle the drive and eject.(if you use your 360 as power supply,then remember to have the av cable plugged into 360).
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