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Thread: Letterbomb Message?

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    Letterbomb Message?

    I have put my Wii's Mac address into the letter bomb site several times.....each time it downloads the zip file like it should, but I am not receiving the message on my Wii. I have checked the message center several times and have also check previous dates..........What am I missing?? Thanks for the help

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    Same issue

    I've had the same problem, tried it with two different wii's. Wondered if whatever sends the message out might be down. I wonder if you can just have someone send you the email?

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    Same here, I've done it like five times; but, nothing comes back. I'm glad to hear that it happens to others. I tried the Lego Indiana Jones Hack, but it didn't work right. I wanted to do the Letterbomb; but, when it didn't work, I was thinkin that it was not working because of my failed previous hack. Maybe someone'll wander in here with some insight.

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    I used this method to install HBC, at first i thought it was not working as the message did not appear the first time i looked in messages. After a full reboot of the console the message appeared and installed HBC without any problems

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    nothing "sends" the message to your wii. you have to unzip the contents of the file you downloaded to an SD card, put that in your wii, then go to the messages section. navigate on the calendar to "yesterday" or "today" date (yesterday being the day before you d/l the file and today being the day you d/l the file) and it should be there.

    sorry to sound condescending if you have actually done this, but from reading your post it appears that you are waiting for some server to actually send an email to your wii when in actuality the message is in that zip file that you need to extract to an SD card.

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    Man, other than the latest responder (Zorb) this is the "One-Post-Wonder" thread of the week, LMAO!

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    Lmao...this thread is so fail (first 4 posts) that I have no hesitation
    in declaring it closed!


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