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Thread: Two versions of system software 4.3?

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    Two versions of system software 4.3?

    Wikipedia suggests that there are two versions of system software 4.3, with two separate and distant release dates, and different fixes. But outside of Wikipedia I can't seem to find any information about it whatsoever. I'm more than inclined to believe it too, considering that my Wii is actually on 4.3, but I still have an update notification, telling me to update to 4.3 in my mail.My Wii is not YET hacked, but I plan in letterbombing it. I have concerns about my current firmware, though Is this "R1" version okay to install? Do I NEED to install it to Letterbomb?

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    Bump, I have the same question. Another thing I wanted to ask was that BluPhant says here:

    Continue from part 2 of mauifrogs guide, which part 2? The one where you choose the optional region change or the part 2 where you have to install all the WADS and stuff.


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