Official Homebrew to install d2x cIOS maintained by davebaol, xabby666 and XFlak and installer by Dragbe.

* Allows to install the cIOS d2x v3 (rev21003), v4 (rev21004), v5 (rev21005), v6 (rev21006).
* Allows to install additional beta versions or "hybrids" cIOS, without updating the Installer, by putting some files (modules .app + ciosmaps.xml) next to boot.dol.
* Supported IOS bases: IOS37v5662, IOS38v4123, IOS53v5662, IOS55v5662, IOS56v5661, IOS57v5918, IOS58v6175.
* Ability to choose the installation slot (200 to 255).
* Ability to perform online and offline installations.
* Support for SD/USB devices.
* Support for Classic Controller, Wiimotes and GameCube controllers.
* Support for <arg>--ios=XXX</arg> argument in meta.xml to set which IOS to use during installation process.


Changelog Installer v3.0
- Removed the support of d2x cIOS v3
- Added ES_Version patch to AHBPROT (Thx R2-D2199)
- Fixed the bug with AHBPROT in offline mode (Thx Davebaol)
- Added a new summary screen whichs gives an overview of the the installation configuration
- Added a new log screen which shows the results of the installation
- Added choice of the revision cIOS values ​​among the most relevant
- Added module to store the configuration of an installation
- This module can be loaded from the file ciosconf.cfg which you can found in the install directory of the d2x cIOS Installer
- Added a module to save the NUS script files which are necessary for the offline installation
- Fixed several stuff
- The argument tag - ios = XXX in the meta.xml is now active only in the absence of AHBPROT

For download link and instructions go here