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Thread: New Wii U features outed in Nintendo patent

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    New Wii U features outed in Nintendo patent

    Wii U controller to feature microphone, flash memory and rechargeable battery.

    A patent filed by Nintendo on August 5 has revealed several new features for the Wii U's tablet-controller.
    The patent, spotted by a NeoGaf user, reveals that the controller will have a magnetometer, IR port, speaker, microphone, built in flash memory and a rechargeable battery. The patent can be seen in its annotated form below.
    Most of these features require little in the way of an explanation, but the magnetometer - similar to what is used in PS Move controllers - is reported to be used for calibration.
    Nintendo has revealed that the Wii U controller is designed for the same room as the TV, banishing any hopes of playing in bed or out in the garden.
    The Wii U is due for release in 2012.

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    In my opinion, the Wii U main and most innovating charateristic shouldn't be "able to play without the TV", that's just as stupid as 3DS main aspect being "3D". They can get incorporated, but they shouldn't be the system seller. Relying on these things is and will guarantee you a total commercial failure.

    Now, do not missundertand me, I like the Wii U, but not it to be marketed as "When your parents are watching TV, you can keep playing!". They need to focus on other issues like 4 controllers or at least 2 compatibility, etc. 3D in the 3DS is not bad, but they could've done better with the system specs and new features. It cost 100$USD to make according to many sources, and you know they get materials cheapers due to quantity. They went from 250USD to 170USD and it isn't making them have loses, but a lower profit. Non-ignorant consumers will ask themselves "wait, if they lowered the price from 250 to 170, and they aren't having loses, then we were getting ripped".

    Using 3D makes other features like Gyroscope useless, which is way more innovating than 3D effect.

    And just so you can see how bad was this move by Nintendo, I say 3DTVs aren't as innovating as HDTVs. Why? Ask yourself and your friends: Why I am gonna purchase a TV which only makes watching "some" movies better? And not everyone likes 3D. HDTV made gave every TV a better quality look.

    I believe in you Nintendo, take your time and don't innovate for the sake of innovating. The controller main aspect should be maps, inventory switching, FPS ~don't look at my screen~, etc. etc, not "You don't need your TV!" because I bought that TV for something and I don't hate it.


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