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Thread: Is this real or a spoof?

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    Question Is this real or a spoof?

    I was lookign around the net and came up this post on a page.
    Anyone know if this is true or some practical joke?

    Nintendo: New Wii Disk Drives Render Modchips Useless

    or is there already a solution for it?

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    That drive actually exists, But they are working on a way to still chip it

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    its real, but only 1 that i know of has been seen so far

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    So at this time there has been only 1 of them seen? worldwide? I hoep they come up with a nice simple work around LoL

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    no one has came here with one, nor as another been mentioned its gonna be like epoxy, first there was 1, then all fix's and now shiped that way

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    I have not had the pleasure of one of the epoxy wii's but will cros that bridge when it comes LoL.
    I think I have an old heat gun somewhere or might even have to invest in a temp controlled one
    As you said fist there was 1 and .... Just the same with all of the older consoles where there's a will or money to be made there will be a way


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