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Thread: Star Wars: Force Unleashed Walkthrough part 1

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    Ca Star Wars: Force Unleashed Walkthrough part 1

    This is quite long and took about 4 hours to write for my friends website so use ctrl+F to find exactly what your looking for.

    4.01 Prologue

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The Galaxy is on the brink of total darkness. The evil GALACTIC EMPIRE
    has overthrown the Old Republic and now holds countless worlds in the
    grip of fear.

    The Jedi Knights have been all but destroyed. Only a handful of Jedi
    have escaped Imperial forces, disappearing into hiding across the

    The Emperor's spies have located a Jedi Knight on the Wookiee homeworld
    of Kashyyyk. The Sith Lord DARTH VADER has been dispatched to destroy

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    | Holocron: 20 |

    After the standard Star Wars text crawl you are treated to a small
    cutscene of the planet Kashyyyk surrounded by an Imperial blockade as a
    lone shuttle leaves the hanger bay of a Star Destroyer and starts
    towards the surface. The shuttle lands in the mist of a battle between
    Imperial Clone Troopers of the 501st and the native Wookiees. Lord
    Vader emerges from the shuttle and after "informing" the Sergeant in
    charge that he is there on a mission of his own sets out towards the
    Jedi that he feels through the Force. In a way only Vader can you begin
    lumbering forward....

    Take a second to look around and get comfortable with Darth Vader. Once
    you are ready to continue head north towards the Clone Troopers that
    are firing on a few Wookiees beyond them. Force Push the wooden
    blockade in front of you leaving the Clone Troopers alive to provide
    some extra fire on the Wookiee warriors ahead if you choose. Killing
    them has no negative effect on the outcome of the level after all you
    are Lord Vader. Proceed up the now cleared walkway towards the first
    hut where a small squad of Clone Troopers is engaging yet more Wookiee
    warriors. Time to get your saber dirty as Vader orders the squad to
    follow him deeper into the Wookiee Village.

    As you engage the first of the enemy Wookiees an Imperial TIE fighter
    shoots down a Wookiee catamaran that crashes into the structure beyond
    creating a field of debris and obstructing your vision for a few
    moments. Kill the first of the Wookiees running toward you then Force
    Push the last Wookiee manning the turret beyond. From there you can see
    more enemies to the north of your location in the next hut. Pick up one
    of the red blinking power conduits and toss it into the middle of the
    hut then proceed to finish off the rest with your saber.

    Continue around the tree along the path. Either destroy the turret you
    run into next or grab it off its stand to have it follow behind you
    with the Force; it'll shoot at a few enemies before becoming worthless
    to you. After a couple Wookiees that run towards you the first save
    computer will log your progress for you then continue down the small
    bridge into the next hut that is guarded by a few Wookiees and a single
    turret. A Bacta container is near the entrance to this hut; if you need
    it Vader will grab it for you.

    Once inside the hut proceed to the left around the circle structure.
    You'll have to clear a large door out of your way with the Force to
    continue. Clear the few Wookiees out from inside and grab the Bacta
    container on the balcony you pass if you need to. Continue all the way
    around the circle until you reach the exit. Go down the small bridge
    that leads to the next hut below, making sure to grab the Holocron(H1).
    Clear out all the Wookiees, grab the Holocron(H2) in the corner before
    continuing forward. Grab the power conduit and toss it carefully
    between the two wooden blockades in the middle of the platform to
    destroy them both then grab the Holocron(H3) laying behind, clear the
    platform of Wookiees and grab the Holocron(H4) behind the machine near
    the inner wall. Continue forward and grab the Holocron(H5) at the end
    of the steps almost hidden under the walkway to the right. Use Force
    Repulse in the middle of the empty hut and grab the Holocron(H6) that
    appears from under one of the machines then continue forward. Kill the
    few Wookiees on the next platform then grab the Bacta container and the
    Holocron(H7) from near the wall, to the left of the catamaran wreckage
    in the middle. If you are quick you can toss one of the power conduits
    at another catamaran flying by. There is another Holocron(H8) behind
    the machine that lays behind the turret so grab it before heading

    Toss the power conduit near the wall towards the waiting Wookiees and
    this should take out two or three of them then finish off the rest of
    the group that come running towards you making sure to grab the
    Holocron(H8) on the bridge that leads to the next hut. Destroy the
    turret in the middle of this hut, grab the Holocron(H10) in the corner
    behind it then use the power conduit near by to kill a few of the
    Wookiees ahead of you. Grab the Holocron(H11) by knocking over the
    small structure in the middle of the platform before you. The game will
    save as pass a save computer then a TIE fighter crashes into the trees
    ahead resulting in a bunch of debris. Kill all the Wookiees that come
    out from behind the wreckage of the TIE fighter. You can use the
    cockpit of the TIE fighter to toss and knock a few of them off if it
    doesn't roll off the platform after the crash.

    Continue follow the path of huts around and wading through more rushing
    Wookiees making sure to grab the Holocron(H12) on the platform
    immediately after the TIE fighter wreckage. Grab the Turret away from
    the Wookiee and it will shoot him down as he runs towards you then move
    on forward through another Wookiee and grab the Holocron(H13) beyond
    him in the corner. Toss another power conduit and the Wookiees ahead
    and continue on past a large tower with a hole in it towards some steps
    that lead into a hut. A Holocron(H14) is in the corner of the steps so
    grab it and head into the hut. The save computer here will save your
    progress. Inside the hut are a Bacta container and an elevator you take
    to the beach below. A Holocron(15) will be in the middle of the
    elevator if you cleared all the Wookiees before take it down. Whew!

    A cutscene will play where more Clone Troopers arrive to engage the
    Wookiees as a cloaked man watches from a hut above. The Clone Troopers
    are retreating as Vader appears. They inform him that they haven't been
    able to break the Wookiee line. Vader will give it a shot. Walk forward
    down the hallway and out onto the beach. In this area you have to kill
    a set amount of Wookiees before you can proceed, in this case its about
    15 of the hairy beasts slain before the next cutscene plays. Make sure
    to grab the five Holocrons(H16, H17, H17, H19, H20) spread out around
    the beach before you kill all the Wookiees. Start by going left and
    hugging the large tree in the middle; there are two of them near the
    back, one in the burning frame of the tower in the middle and the last
    one in the wreckage of the Clone transport in the far end of the beach.

    The Rogue Jedi you came to Kashyyyk to murder screams at you from the
    upper hut to retreat to which Vader replies by tearing the structure
    down with the Force. This starts the games first boss battle as the
    Rogue Jedi falls from the tower that was just crushed to fight Vader.

    |Boss: Rogue Jedi |

    The first boss of the game is a relatively easy one designed to
    introduce you to the mechanics of lightsaber vs. lightsaber. I doubt
    you'll even break a sweat destroying him. When he is close in proximity
    to you stick with standard side to side saber slices as the vertical
    ones take longer and miss more often. If he pushes you away with the
    Force or runs grab him and toss your saber at him a few times. In
    between all this you might get stuck in either a Force lock or saber
    lock. Break the locks by matching the controller directions on screen
    to either slam him into the ground a few times with the Force for
    massive damage or parry his saber away for a direct hit with yours.

    Once his life hits about half way a small cutscene will play showing
    that his Force attacks have stepped up but don't worry any. Stick to
    the same set of attacks; horizontal slices when close and saber throws
    when far away. You can also choke him but it fails to connect often.
    After his life hits about a quarter left an action scene will play.
    Match the correct movements with either the Wiimote or Nunchuck and
    Vader will disarm the Jedi and finish the fight in a fitting over the
    top dark side manner.

    Watch the cutscene closely as it sets up the story for the rest of the
    game. Vader picks up the fallen Jedi angrily demanding to know where
    his Master is because he senses a stronger presence in the Force. The
    Jedi informs Vader that his master is long since dead and as Vader is
    about to deliver the final blow with his lightsaber the weapon is
    pulled from his hand by a child. Vader realizes this boy is the Jedi's
    son and as the Rogue Jedi yells for him to run he crushes the boy's
    father to death. As the 501st shows up Vader decides to take this boy
    with him; slaughtering the clone troopers in the process as to leave
    nobody but Vader knowing of this powerful child.

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    Star Wars: Force Unleashed Part 2: Tie Construction Yard

    4.02 TIE Construction Yard

    Flash forward some fifteen plus years. You are now playing as the young
    boy taken from Kashyyyk. Vader's secret apprentice, codename:
    Starkiller. This is where the fun really begins. The game picks up with
    a cutscene as Vader is knighting Starkiller with his lightsaber. He
    then informs him of his first mission. Vader's spies have finally
    detected another Jedi that avoided Order 66. You are to proceed a TIE
    fighter facility under attack by a Jedi General Rahm Kota. Kill him and
    bring Vader the lightsaber. You are to kill Imperial's and Rebels to
    keep your existence a secret. After meeting your new pilot Juno
    Eclipse, you and your sparring droid PROXY head towards Nar Shaddaa on
    your ship Rogue Shadow. Your team arrives at the TIE fighter facility
    already under attack my Kota and his men.

    | Holocron: 20 |
    | Lightsaber crystal: 2: green, Kaiburr Crystal |
    | Lightsaber hilt: none |
    | Force Holocron: 1 |
    | Health Holocron: 1 |
    | Moves Unlocked: 1: Ground Slam |
    | Characters Unlocked: 3: Anakin, Aayla, Luke |

    Immediately after gaining control of Starkiller dash forward and
    dispatch of all the Rebel commandos then head down the hallway right in
    front of you. Kill the sparse Rebel commandos attacking you then make
    sure to break all the light panels and destroy all the service panels
    on the wall to claim your first Holocron(H1)in the hanger right in
    front of where you appear after blowing open the door at the end of the
    hallway. Best way to achieve this is to use Force Grip to grab the
    service panels and toss them at the lights or even the enemies.

    After a shortcut scene where Starkiller blows a Rebel out into space
    clean out all the Rebels needed to deplete the meter(around 7). Use
    ranged attacks like lightning and tossing debris at them to avoid their
    fire or find a high perch to pick them off from. After they are all
    dead a door will open to reveal Imperial Stormtroopers fighting with
    Kota's Rebels but before heading in to introduce yourself first head to
    the eastern wall of this hanger and look up to spot another
    Holocron(H2). Where you are standing there should be large boxes and
    smaller hexagonal barrels, stack one of those barrels on one of the
    boxes then double jump up to grab it then head into the waiting battle
    through the newly opened door.

    Remember Vader's orders and destroy everything that is alive in this
    hallway and continue to go down until you hit some stairs. Toss the
    demolition charge blinking at the end of the staircase up to the top to
    clear out some opposition then tear off the wall panels on the right
    wall to reveal a Holocron(H3) with a Bacta tank right by the window
    beyond it. Continue threw the hallway and the enemies up a second set
    of stairs and into a large TIE fighter construction area where the
    wings are being attached to bodies then sent somewhere above. You'll
    pass a save computer on your way in. Clear out the enemies to gather up
    Force Points then head to the northern corner of the room where a stack
    of TIE solar panels is laying. Use the Force here and Starkiller will
    use these panels to make a path to the area above.

    Clear the area of enemies then go to the northwest corner and destroy
    the storage barrel there for another Holocron(H4) then turn directly
    behind you, blow open the door here and clean the room of enemies for
    another Holocron(H5) in the room lit up with red lights. Be careful,
    there are is some heavy artillery in here and a gaggle of regular
    Stormtrooper so don't go rushing in. After you have the Holocron head
    back out and locate another pile of TIE solar panels... you know what
    to do. On your way up look around for another Holocron(H6) on top of a
    large crate. You must grab this one before passing through to the next
    level above since you can't go back. Best way to do this is to use the
    upcoming TIE being built as an elevator but make sure to jump while low
    or risk being pushed into the level above.

    Once you make it to the next level of the area clear the area of troops
    paying extra attention to the turrets then head up the stairs through
    the hatch that opens behind them. On top of the stars is a lightsaber
    crystal(Green) and another Holocron(H7) to the right in the fire after
    the door opens. Proceed through the hallway taking names and grab the
    eight Holocron(H8) from behind the second service panel on the left
    wall. Finish your fight through the hallway, bust open another door and
    enter into a new exterior hanger where you need to dispatch enough
    Militia to deplete the meter before continuing on. There is a
    Holocron(H9) behind a console that is short circuiting in an adjacent
    room and another Holocron(H10) on a ledge above you. Stack barrels
    until you can reach with a double jump. Be careful in the adjacent room
    there is Militia with rockets ready to ambush you. After you clear the
    Militia Starkiller shows off his skill by brining an old Clone War era
    dropship out of the sky with the Force. After the show, head to the
    newly opened stairwell in the corner of the hanger where you claim a
    Health Holocron that increases Starkillers maximum health.

    Proceed through this hallway making sure to destroy all the light
    panels and service panels along the way. When you hit the second set of
    stairs look up and behind to spot another Holocron(H11). Grab it and
    continue on then grab the next Holocron(H12) at the end of the hallway
    provided you destroyed everything. Enter into the next area; a large
    shaft with joining elevators and a cutscene plays showing a battle
    going on above you.

    Ride the left elevator up to the area above then dispatch of both
    parties here including the two that just came up on the adjacent
    elevator. Once everyone is gone head into the room on this level to
    claim another Holocron(H13) and a Bacta container then proceed to take
    that elevator up to the next level above. Take note of the
    Holocron(H14) in front of you while you ride. You can either drop down
    on this platform from the gangway above or jump back to the second
    level below and ride the TIE solar panels up to get it, your choice.

    Make sure to grab the Force Holocron in front of where you get off the
    elevator to increase your maximum Force power then continue forward
    through the Stormtroopers and Rebel Militia alike defeating enough
    Rebels to continue through this hallway into yet another hanger. The
    door slams behind you and an AT-ST appears.

    | Mini-Boss: AT-ST |

    A Rebel manages to jump extremely high(maybe he is a Jedi too?) on top
    an Imperial AT-ST and remove the pilot then turns his attention to you.
    You'll need to destroy this chicken walker to move on. To defeat it you
    have a few options. You can use the demolition charges laying around as
    flying bombs but that runs the risk of them being shot at while close
    to you for massive damage. You can use the large red light towers as
    flying battering rams but the time in which it takes to take them down
    and toss with the Force is high. You can also toss your saber at it
    from a distance but this takes time and the damage dealt is rather low.
    The last way and probably the best is to stand between it's legs and
    start swiping horizontally with your lightsaber. If it kicks you away
    move back in while using Force Lightning. You'll score direct hits for
    decent damage and every once in awhile it will attempt to step on you.
    Match the on screen prompts with the Wiimote and Nunchuck for a special
    move. Using any method or a combination thereof will bring this machine
    down in no time. Once it's life hits around a quarter Starkiller will
    finish it off a spectacular way. It's a fairly easy battle and since
    there are plenty of Bacta containers around you'll have no problem.

    Once the AT-ST is done go ahead and use the Force to pull down all
    those tall lights then collect the Holocron(15) on the platform above
    to the left of the exterior hanger door where the battle is raging; you
    might have to stack a few things to reach it. Once you have it continue
    towards the hatch marked green on your map then blow it down with the
    Force to continue on through where a save computer logs your game for
    you. Destroy all the Imperials and Rebels and continue straight. When
    you hit a small ante room where there are fully constructed TIE
    fighters movie by to your left look above you to spot the next
    Holocron(16), jump across from the ledge above to grab it then continue
    to the next room. Continue straight through and grab the Holocron(17)
    to the right before you enter the next area.

    This is the last hallway, I promise. Continue through the enemies and
    up to flights of stairs. To the immediate left of the second flight in
    the corner is another Holocron(18) so grab it then turn around and
    continue through more enemies. When the door opens at the top a
    Holocron(19) should be waiting if you managed to destroy 90 or more
    enemies in this level which shouldn't have been a problem by now so
    grab it then continue towards the door in front of you. Before going
    through grab the last Holocron(20) to your right, behind a computer
    console. It'll short circuit when you destroy it so be careful. After
    you have the last Holocron in your possession its time to go meet this

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    Star Wars: Force Unleashed Part 3: Tie Construction Yard boss - Trial of Skill

    | Boss: General Rahm Kota |

    Finally a true test of your Sith skills and the man your master sent
    you to assassinate. As you enter General Kota is sort of angry and
    insulted that Vader sent a "boy" to fight him but none the less Kota is
    a Jedi and you are Sith so he must destroy you.

    The overall battle with Kota is actually rather easy once you get the
    hang out it. The best strategy to use against him is distance since he
    is a strong blademaster. Blast him with Force Lightning until you both
    get stuck in a Force Lock and then match the on screen commands to
    knock him back. Repeat this strategy and he'll eventually stop to chide
    you some more about your age and his strength, blah. After this happens
    he comes at you a bit faster and with a few more Force Pushes. Keep
    blasting him with Force Lightning and if he manages to get close enough
    to you throw in a few vertical slashes as well. You can also attempt
    Force Pushes and saber throws but he avoids them more often then not.
    The whole time you are battling Kota he is spouting the wisdom of the
    Jedi and the closer he gets to defeat the more strained his voice
    becomes. As the battle rages the room itself begins to sustain damage
    but don't pay attention to it, just keep up your ranged attacks until
    his health hits half way at which point he starts to bring the whole
    facility down around you.

    At this point its best to switch to a closer approach and hope for
    Saber Locks you can easily win. When he is knocked back jump in for the
    quick slices. Finally when his health hits a low around a quarter the
    final finishing move will start so match the commands and watch as
    Starkiller thrashes Kota. He jumps in close for the kill but not before
    Kota tells you something interesting. Pointedly that Vader won't always
    be your Master then screams "Me?" before being blinded from your blade
    and pushed into space. Before leaving he snatches up Kota's lightsaber
    with the Force then leaves to report to Vader.

    Beating this level unlocks the new Force Power "Ground Slam" as well as
    new characters for duel mode; Anakin Skywalker, Aayla Secura, Luke
    Skywalker and finally a focusing Combat Crystal for your blade, a
    Kaiburr crystal that increases the strength of Force Push.

    Whew, what a level!

    4.03 Trial of Skill

    You report to Vader that Kota has been killed. Vader pulls Kota's
    lightsaber from your belt and attacks you with it. Another test it
    seems as he points out the fact that if had been your(only) saber you
    would have been killed. He then dispatches you to the ruins of the Jedi
    Temple on Coruscant for more training. This finally gives you
    unrestricted access to your ship, the Rogue Shadow. From here you can
    enter cheats, change your 'Costume', and review the database and your
    holocron collection. The ship also acts as a portal to the next level.

    | Holocron: 6 |
    | Lightsaber crystal: 2: purple, Qixoni Crystal |
    | Lightsaber hilt: none |
    | Force Holocron: 1 |
    | Moves Unlocked: 1: Dark Rage |
    | Characters Unlocked: 1: Asajj Ventress |
    | Costume Unlocked: 1: Heavy Training Gear |

    The Trial of Skill is actually a short but interesting level. It's
    starts with the Rogue Shadow landing on the roof of the now abandoned
    Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Starkiller is greeted by Imperial
    Stormtroopers who inform you that the temple is off limits. Well, since
    Vader trumps them lets continue on. Dispatch of the rushing
    Stormtroopers then continue forward and clear their buddies out on the
    steps of the temple. To the left of the temple entrance is some debris,
    clear the large rock to reveal the first Holocron(H1) then head on into
    the temple if the coast is clear.

    When the small corridor opens into the large main area of the temple
    look to the right for the next Holocron(H2) then proceed to clear out
    the Stormtroopers hiding about. Once the area is clear look for another
    Holocron(H3) in the very back of the main area behind and underneath a
    large caved in section of the temple and make sure to destroy the four
    large statues to claim a purple lightsaber crystal and a Force Holocron
    within them. After you grab all the loot climb up that rubble to gain
    entrance to the next section; battling a few Stormtroopers on the way.
    Hop down this rubble and grab the Holocron(H4) hidden to the left of
    the cave in then continue down into the newly accessed hallway.
    Imperial Royal Guards join the fight here with the regular
    Stormtroopers so dispatch of them one on one, don't let the Imperial
    Guards gang up on you. They fight with energy spikes that can lock your
    saber up so be careful. Once they are all at your feet continue through
    the hall, moving debris when need be. There is another Holocron(H5) in
    the large Jedi statue in the middle of a square shaped room right
    before a turn to the right so snatch that up then move on.

    Head up the stairs in the middle of this large ceremony rooms and
    suddenly you hear a voice speaking to you through the Force. Red Force
    Lightning appears and knocks you to the ground. That could only be a
    Sith attack! Darth Desolous appears!

    | Boss: Darth Desolous |

    Finally, a real opponent. This Sith Lord is one tough cookie. Move in
    for lightsaber attacks quickly and pay no attention to the high amount
    of misses. Ever so often use the Force to push him back and immediately
    toss your lightsaber at him using the impale move. Darth Desolous likes
    to attack you close(or kick you away) with his saber and uses Force
    push often. When he does, leap quickly out of the way of his onslaught.
    Everyone once in awhile he'll start to build the Force around him in a
    sphere. When this happens stay clear of the sudden discharge then
    attack again. If he ever manages to lift you in the air a quick toss of
    your saber should score a hit and let you free. Force Lightning has
    little effect on him but has a high chance of getting you both in a
    Force Lock which leaves him dazed for a free strike from your saber if
    you win. Also, if you manage to knock him down any make good use of
    that new Ground Slam move you learned; the damage is small but
    consistent. Finally, make good use of the lock on and your dash ability
    to gain\cover ground quickly. Continue these strategies making sure to
    win any Force or saber locks you encounter; his dazed moments are the
    best opportunity. Make sure to grab the last Holocron(H6) from behind
    the largest statue in the back of the room during the battle with Darth

    Once Darth Desolous' health hits a low Starkiller will initiate the
    finishing move and smash him to death with that large statue. After his
    demise PROXY arrives with a message from Lord Vader. Seems his spies
    have located another Jedi and this time, he thinks you are doomed from
    the start. For passing the Trial of Skill you unlock a new Force Power
    titled "Dark Rage" which allows a powerful topping attack to a three
    hit combo as well as unlocking Asajj Ventress for Duel Mode and a
    Qixoni Crystal for your lightsaber. This crystal beefs up your Force
    Choke ability. Finally, the Heavy Training Gear costume becomes
    available to you for use.

    Read the three new Database entries, Raxus Prime, Imperial Sentinel and
    Darth Desolous, before continuing on your next mission.

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    Part 4: Raxus Prime

    4.04 Raxus Prime

    | Holocron: 20 |
    | Lightsaber crystal: 2: purple, orange |
    | Lightsaber hilt: 1 |
    | Health Holocron: 2 |
    | Force Holocron: 2 |
    | Moves Unlocked: 1: Pummel |
    | Characters Unlocked: 1: Darth Maul |

    After your successful test at the Jedi Temple PROXY arrives with a
    message from the Dark Lord. You are once again being sent out to kill a
    surviving Jedi named Kazdan Paratus living in solitude on the junk
    world Raxus Prime. Your master warns you that this time the challenge
    is greater and you aren't expected to make it back. Juno pilots the
    Rogue Shadow to Raxus Prime where you notice a large structure that
    resembles the Jedi Temple you were just at built of junk on the planet.
    PROXY warns you that there are "thousands of droids all calling out to
    each other" as Juno lands the ship. She couldn't get you close to you
    have to make it to the "temple" on foot.

    Immediately after disembarking the Rogue Shadow run to the very back of
    the ship and grab the first Holocron(H1) then head back around to the
    front of the ship and tear off the panel to the left for the second
    Holocron(H2). Head forward and down an elevator into the planets
    depths. After the elevator stops continue straight forward into your
    first fight with the planet's native droids. Don't let these guys gang
    up on you, instead stand back and either attack with your lightsaber,
    Force Lightning or more effectively, pick them up and toss your
    lightsaber through them. After you enter the large room ahead a large
    droid is activated that resembles some sort of four legged creature as
    well as a swarm of the same bipedal droids you just fought. After the
    battle starts clear the floor of the small droids while staying mobile
    then take on the large guard droid. Blast it with Force Lightning from
    the air or lightsaber tosses. Once they are all destroyed grab the
    Holocron(H3) from the back of the room, near where you entered then
    using the Force, destroy all the square crates around the same area to
    reveal another Holocron(H4). Continue out of this large room into the
    next hallway and more droids appear. Use the demolition charge on the
    ground to clear the whole group of them then move forward.

    When you hit the first save point destroy all the droids that appear
    then Force Push the panels and rubbish behind it to reveal a
    Holocron(H5) then continue through the hallway until you see a computer
    panel with green and red displays on it, destroy this for another
    Holocron(H6). As you round the corner there is another demolition
    charge you can use to toss at the oncoming droids; use your lightsaber
    to clear the ones that survive. Another guard droid will appear when
    you approach the rubble blocking your way so defeat it then grab
    destroy the computer panel nearby for a Holocron(H7) before pushing
    your way through the debris to the next area. You stumble upon a battle
    in the next area between the same droids giving you trouble and a group
    of Rodians who fire on you as well. To proceed forward you'll need to
    clear the area of enemies to deplete the on screen meter. After enough
    of the small droids and Rodians go down a pair of those large guard
    droids appear. Use any demolition charges still lying around to clear
    them quickly and when the meter is empty a new foe appears.

    |Mini-Boss: Junk Behemoth |

    Don't let the name scare you, this guy is all bark. It'll attack you
    by either stomping on you, rushing and smacking you aside or shooting
    its arms at you that are tethered to chains. Since this last attack
    negates staying away from it the best way to bring this machine down is
    to attack from the air with Force Lightning and the Ground Slam
    ability. If it manages to knock you away from it feel free to toss any
    large debris at it before moving back in, including any demolition
    charges that may be lying around. At some point the Behemoth may pick
    you up and try to smash you to death, just follow the prompts to break
    free and deal some damage. Once its energy drops low enough the
    finishing move will activate and it'll be destroyed. Starkiller will
    interrogate one of the surviving Rodians gaining a clue to what was
    going on between the Rodians and droids. Before continuing on grab the
    two Holocron(H8, H9) from this area. One is inside a panel you have to
    destroy coming out of the ground in the back of the room near a shell
    of an N1 starfighter and the other appears after all the square crates
    are destroyed in the area; it appears with a Health Holocron as well.

    Head up the hill, towards the green area on your map. Up here you'll
    meet the leader of the Rodians who goes by the name Drexl. After a
    short cutscene where Starkiller shows off his people skills you learn
    the location of your target, the Jedi Kazdan Paratus. After the
    cutscene you'll be back in the large room from previous where you'll
    need to destroy a large group of droid before continuing up the hill to
    the next area. When you make it up the hill to the first corner more
    droids appear so dispatch of them and grab the Holocron(H10) behind the
    large piece of debris in the corner of where they appear, near a steam
    vent. Head out to the open area where you can see the mock Jedi Temple
    in the background and get rid of all the droids in this area, including
    the ones back beyond near the AT-ST cockpit laying the rubble. There
    are three Holocron(H11, H12, H13) in the area. Destroy all the square
    crates to reveal one of them and grab the other two by destroying the
    two red and green displayed computer panels. Finally, there is a
    Lightsaber Hilt along the wall opposite of the cliff face, if you look
    up you can see it. You'll need to double jump off a crate or some other
    debris to reach it. Head towards the AT-ST head and then use the Force
    to knock down the large doors that stand in the way of the elevator to
    the next area.

    Near the elevator along the right wall is a bunch of crates. Destroy
    them all to make a Holocron(H14) appear then continue down into the
    next area. Clear away the rubble at the end of the hall where droids
    first appear to grab the next Holocron(H15) then engage the enemies to
    make the next Health Holocron appear. When you have it and the droids
    are gone, use the Force to gain way to the next area. Continue down the
    quiet hallway until you hit a room populated by more crates and droids.
    Stand in the doorway and let them come to you and then destroy all the
    crates for a Holocron(H16) as well as a Force Holocron. Continue along
    the hallways towards the marked area on your map encountering the
    random groups of droids. Eventually you'll have to clear a way with the
    Force and defeat another Junk Behemoth following.

    |Mini-Boss: Junk Behemoth |

    Use the same tactics as last time if you want to get dirty or you can
    simple stand on the slopped walkway and toss that large cylinder piece
    of debris at it a few times to watch it fall. After its defeated grab a
    Holocron(H17) near where you came into the area as well an orange
    Lightsaber crystal. Continue down into the area, kill any small droids
    that might be lingering and search for a Holocron(H18) among some
    debris near the left wall before heading out. You'll have to make a
    path with the Force before heading to the next area. You'll encounter a
    seemingly dead-end before realizing it's a trap laid out by Drexl and
    his henchmen. Seems they think you are a Jedi and intend to turn you in
    for a reward.

    |Mini-Boss: Drexl Roosh |

    The whole group is made of Rodians so its easy to get confused. Drexl
    is the purple one wearing red. First thing you'll want to do is defeat
    his help. A few simple saber strikes should do it as they put up little
    resistance. With them gone you can concentrate on Drexl. He moves
    quickly and attacks even faster with his sword when he gets close to
    you. Get trapped a few times and its game over. Attempting to fry him
    with Force Lightning or picking him up to toss him aside usually
    results in failure so instead engage him close with your lightsaber.
    Any time he goes to hit you and misses unleash a quick Force Push to
    hopefully knock him down and then hit him with a Ground Slam or a few
    strikes when he stands up. There is also a small amount of junk lying
    around you can toss at him. Once his life is gone he'll start to laugh
    at you as an old Clone dropship appears. I guess he thinks he has you
    by the hairs now. Make him regret trying to trap you then continue on
    forward towards the newly opened area on your map.

    There is another Force Holocron you can grab as you enter the next
    area, its in the corner behind you. You'll need to defeat the small
    droid group here before continuing into the large room beyond. Grab the
    Holocron(H19) from the debris near the entrance way to this next area.
    Inside this next open area destroy all the droids and crates to grab
    the last Holocron(H2) then continue forward towards the green area on
    the map. You'll have to defeat two large guard droids then clear the
    way with the Force to continue forward. There is a large Bacta
    container as well as a purple Lightsaber Crystal in this hallway. Move
    forward to finally come face to face with your target, Kazdan
    Paratus...or is it?

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    Part 5: Raxus Prime cont. - Trial of Insight

    | Mini-boss: Junk Titan |

    After going on for a moment about the Jedi this large droid seen
    stalking you earlier will attack you. It's main forms of attack are a
    large axe it swings at you and the ability to call smaller droids for
    support. The Junk Titan is slow so stay away from its axe and make
    short work of any droids it calls to its aid. The best way to defeat
    this droid is to toss the many demoltion charges lying around at it and
    then when those are depleted use Ground Slam or Saber Assault from the
    air. Every once in a while you might need to follow the on screen
    commands to deal some fancy damage. It's also susceptible to Force
    Lightning and Force Push. Attacking with Force Lightning from the air
    seems to give a higher chance the command prompts will show up for that
    extra damage. The last finishing move will leave the droid headless and
    the Jedi will appear.

    | Boss: Kazdan Paratus |

    The Jedi will call large metallic towers to appear from the ground
    before beginning his attack. We can use these to an advantage. Kazdan
    Paratus is small but has the aid of a robotic shell that grants him the
    ability to be quick and nimble. His main weapon is a double bladed
    lightsaber he swings at you when close and can also produced a Force
    attack when slammed into the ground. His saber strikes are furiously
    quick so stay locked on and attack with your own when an opening shows
    its self. Ground Slams and Saber Assault is also handy. If he manages
    to push you away from himself grab something to toss back at him like
    the large towers. Make sure to come out on top of any saber or Force
    locks you might find yourself in. You can also use Force Lightning from
    the air but its not that effective. A chance for a free strike exists
    when he starts to climb any of the towers or walls, just throw your
    Lightsaber at his back or push him off. When he is charging towards
    you, you might also be able to pick him up and toss your Lightsaber as
    well although he might break free. Be persistent and eventually his
    life is forfeit. You are done here. Back aboard the Rogue Shadow Vader
    informs you through PROXY that you still aren't ready for your destiny
    and that you must return to the Jedi Temple once again for more
    training. Starkiller might not understand but Vader knows first hand
    what fear and uneasiness can lead to.

    For your troubles on Raxus Prime you'll receive the new Force Power
    "Pummel" as well as Duel Character Darth Maul and a heightened ability
    to block blaster fire with your Lightsaber. You can also now read about
    Kazdan Paratus and other information regarding Raxus Prime in the

    4.05 Trial of Insight

    | Holocron: 6 |
    | Lightsaber crystal: 3: blue, green, Opila |
    | Lightsaber hilt: 1 |
    | Health Holocron: 1 |
    | Force Holocron: 1 |
    | Moves Unlocked: 1: Maelstrom |
    | Characters Unlocked: 2: Darth Phobos, Count Dooku |
    | Costume Unlocked: 1: Light Training Gear |

    You land once again at the Jedi Temple and disembark. You are
    immediately meet by another contingent of Imperial sentinels and
    troops. This time instead of warning you off they attempt to arrest
    you. Yea, that's smart.

    Clear the landing pad area of Stormtroopers before tackling the
    Sentinels. They can be tough so once they are dead grab the Bacta
    container underneath the landing pad before heading inside the temple.
    You'll need to clear out a few more enemies in the hall leading to the
    main area of the temple. There are a whole slew of Imperial troops
    guarding the area. You'll need to kill about eight Stormtroopers before
    the meter is gone and you notice a lone coward run away but there are
    about a half dozen more left in the room as well as a pair of Sentinels
    near the door that Stormtrooper ran through. Use the Force and grab one
    of the turrets to help you with the Sentinels. After the area is clear
    take a moment to gather all the loot in this area. There is a
    Holocron(H1) inside a broken pillar on the top of the walkway to the
    right and a Force Holocron in a passage underneath that same section;
    between the two flights of stairs that lead you up. Looking around
    there you will notice a Green Lightsaber Crystal to the left of the
    entry way to the main area. Now head to the left side of the room and
    there is a Blue Lightsaber Crystal on the same end as the main door so
    grab it and then head all the way to the end of this walkway, blow the
    large fallen pillar out of the way and grab the next Holocron(H2).
    Immediately across the room from this Holocron is the area of the main
    room that was caved in and is accessible with a few jumps. This is the
    way to the audience room where we fought the last Sith Lord but its now
    since been blocked off. Hop up there anyway and down below you can grab
    a Health Holocron then head back to the main room. Finally, head
    towards that same door the Stormtrooper fled through and before heading
    up the stairs obtain the Lightsaber Hilt hidden among the rubble to the
    left. Once you have all you need you can proceed through the door to
    the archives.

    Fight your way through a few enemies into the archives. A small
    cutscene will play then you'll be attacked by a squad of Stormtroopers.
    Kill them all then head up the stairs and jump your way across to grab
    that Holocron(H3) up there; the one you saw as you came in. Jump back
    across and through the door. More Stormtroopers here, clear them out as
    you work your way around. You'll eventually spot a Holocron(H4) lodged
    into one of the archive computers, grab it when the electricity clears.
    Clear the rubble to gain access to the next section. Here you'll need
    to clear more Stormtroopers and Sentinels before continuing to the boss
    in the next room. If you have Pummel use it because there is plenty of
    debris to use in such a small corridor. When they are all dead head
    into the library room and grab the Holocron(H5) to the left behind a
    shelf and under a fallen pillar then move back out and jump off the
    balcony to the area below.

    | Boss: Darth Phobos |

    As the boss battle begins Darth Phobos is disguised as Juno and appears
    to be in pain. As you rush to aid her she shows her real form and
    attacks you. As the battle starts Darth Phobos relies heavily on Force
    Pushes and quick strikes with her double bladed lightsaber. Try to keep
    your distance and attack from above with Saber Assault. After a few
    hits her strategy changes and she'll start transporting herself all
    across the room the whole time taking the form of Juno to try and
    through you off. Stay with using Saber Assault mixed with Force
    Lightning and lightsaber strikes. If you stray too far from her she'll
    just fry you with Force Lightning or toss that lightsaber at you so its
    rather pointless. Also, make good use of the pillars as propellants,
    one of which hides a Holocron(H6). The key to victory is making good
    use of the Force locks and saber locks to chip away at her health. At
    around the half way mark Darth Phobos starts to create copies of
    herself to distract you but a simple strike does away with them. Her
    most clever tactic during the battle is to distort your vision as she
    hides but look for the blue smoke that surrounds her or the light from
    her weapon to spot here.

    Pummel and making good use of Dark Rage can also lend a hand here but
    Darth Phobos can be tricky to pick up or even hit once, let alone three
    times. Defeat the clones, stay moving and come out on top of all Force
    locks and saber locks and Darth Phobos will fall in short order.
    Perform the finishing move correctly to destroy her with an exhibition
    of the Force. She tries once more to appeal to you as Juno but this
    time, you aren't buying it. A lightsaber through her back ends this

    PROXY appears as Vader to inform you that you are ready to start
    killing real Jedi now. Your first target is Shaak Ti, the last of the
    council left alive...that Darth Vader knows of anyway. As the pair exit
    the Temple PROXY comments that he hates being Vader and Starkiller
    guesses that so does Vader himself. End of mission rewards include a
    new Force Power called "Maelstrom", Darth Phobos and Count Dooku
    characters for duel mode and an Opila lightsaber crystal that increases
    the strength of lightsaber tosses. Finally, you'll have the Light
    Training gear as a accessible costume for Starkiller. You can also read
    about your next destination, Felucia, as well as the boss you just
    defeated, Darth Phobos, in the databank.

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    Part 6: Felucia

    4.06 Felucia

    | Holocron: 27 |
    | Lightsaber crystal: 2: Red, Purple |
    | Lightsaber hilt: 1 |
    | Health Holocron: 2 |
    | Force Holocron: 2 |
    | Moves Unlocked: 1: Sith Barrage |
    | Characters Unlocked: 1: Shaak Ti |

    The opening cutscene depicts your approach to Felucia. Juno remarks
    that it reminds her of Callos, a planet she all but destroyed as
    commander during the battle there. The scene then switches to the
    planet where we see Jedi Master Shaak Ti sending her Padawan, Maris
    Brood, into hiding in preparation for the coming battle. She sends her
    Padawan into hiding for fear of the order being wiped out as well as
    her life being taken away by the Sith. Starkiller leaps from the Rogue
    Shadow, in a new outfit, to start searching for the Jedi Master.

    Start out by moving forward across the large leaves. Around the second
    large leaf a group of three native Felucians will attack. Pick the
    middle one up and use Pummel to smash them all together for a quick
    win. As you continue across the leafs you'll spot the occasional enemy.
    Try to push or toss them off before they get close to you. You'll
    eventually come to what appears to be a tunnel that has large purple
    planets growing outside it. Jump up to the lowest one then continue
    leaping higher to reach the first Holocron(H1) then fall back down and
    through the tunnel...wait, you can't go through! If you are facing the
    tunnel then the brightness of the tunnel probable hides the Z button on
    screen prompting you to use the Force so go ahead and knock it down.

    Head through the tunnel fighting the odd Felucians that may appear then
    use the Force to knock away the web gooey stuff that blocks your exit
    from the tunnel and enter the next area. Here you'll be ambushed and
    have to defeat enough enemies to clear the meter on the screen. Not
    that you may have to continue farther into the metallic structure ahead
    of you to find enough and you might not. There are a few things you
    need to grab before you continue into the structure though. Right to
    the left of where you first entered this area is a Holocron(H2). Now
    when you approach the metal structure there is a large Mushroom that
    grows in the middle of neon blue grass stuff. Cut it down for another
    Holocron(H3) then continue straight back behind where that was found to
    grab the Force Holocron tucked away. Make your way back to the clearing
    and all the way around to the other side of the structure, follow the
    path to the roof and grab the Holocron(H4) near the pile of rubble. Hop
    down and enter into the structure. Proceed through this metal tunnel,
    fight any stray enemies and then knock your way through another barrier
    to the area behind. Beware, a small group of enemies waits behind the

    In this new area immediately turn to the right and grab the
    Holocron(H5) in the guts of the crashed Clone dropship. You'll need to
    kill more Felucians as you continue forward in this area towards the
    green area marked on your map. A large beast attacks you once you reach
    this area.

    | Mini-boss: Rancor |

    Don't fear this guy just because of his size. He's rather easy to
    defeat. Unleash as much Force Lightning as you can while you run around
    to stay away from his claws then follow up with Saber Tosses until the
    finishing move starts. You can also go for strikes at his legs which
    might lead to him trying to smash you with his hand which is easy
    enough to break out of for extra damage. Once the Rancor falls you'll
    need to defeat a swarm of Felucians in the newly opened area before
    getting a breather. There will be a Holocron(H6) near a large green
    plant and a Bacta container in the newly opened area. To the right in
    this area hidden away near the wall is another Holocron(H6), its behind
    a green plant that will explode if you touch it. Continue left from
    where you find that one until you spot another Holocron(H8) beyond some
    plants in a corner near a downed Republic cannon. Right behind that is
    a rock that can be destroyed to grab a new Red Lightsaber Crystal. On
    the path in front of the downed cannon are rocks that can be moved with
    the Force so move the second one to the right for yet another
    Holocron(H9) then turn around and spot a the largest of the three
    mushrooms near the wreckage in the middle, cut it down for the last
    Holocron(H10) in the area. Finally, you head towards the green area on
    your map.

    You will eventually come to the opening of a small tunnel system marked
    with the shipwreck of a Clone drop ship on top. Grab the Bacta
    container if you need it near the rubble to the right before heading
    in. Once you enter the tunnel system your eventual goal is marked on
    your map in green however there are two Holocron(H11, H12) inside here
    you'll need to grab before exiting. One is on the far left of the
    tunnel system and the other is on the far right so make your way around
    the tunnels in a circle until you have grabbed them both. You'll have
    to deal with a few enemies and barriers along the way. Once they are
    both yours, you can exit the tunnels to the next area.

    | Mini-boss: Rancors |

    That's right, plural. Don't stress though, each one seems to be weaker
    then the one you fought before. Attack them in the same way to defeat
    them. Once the rancors are down head back to the newly blocked tunnel
    system to get your bearings. There are a few things we need to grab
    before heading on. There is a Health Holocron to the left, behind the
    tall red see through plants. After you grab it hug the wall to the left
    until you run into a Holocron(H13) near those one of those green
    exploding plants. Between this Holocron and the Health Holocron is a
    large rock against the wall you are following; destroy it for another
    Holocron(H14). In the middle of this whole area is another
    Holocron(H15) inside the rock so destroy it to grab it. Across from
    this rock is a another Holocron(H16) near a large blue flower. Turn
    left from this and continue along the wall until you pass a save point
    near a barrier. Near here is a purple leaf you can easily leap to for
    another Lightsaber Hilt and then break the rock to the right for a
    Purple Lightsaber crystal. Finally, the last Holocron(H17) in this area
    is inside another tall breakable rock to the right of the tunnels you
    exited to get into this area. One big circle around the area later and
    you are ready to continue so bust through that barrier near the save
    point and head on.

    You'll follow this narrow tunnel past another save point until it opens
    up into a large area populated by large green stumps of some kind. The
    first one you see has a Holocron(H18) behind it as well as a Force
    Holocron behind the next few stumps. The last large green stump has
    another Holocron(H19) behind it then grab the Holocron(H20) on top of
    the purple mushroom before destroying the barrier that blocks the way.
    Two lone Felucians are behind the barrier after you destroy it. Kill
    them and move forward through the tunnel. You meet up with Shaak Ti who
    is riding on a Rancor in the next area. Starkiller informs her that
    they both know why he is there and Shaak Ti counters with her musings
    that one day the Emperor will be defeated. She will eventually flee and
    leave you fighting a few of her Felucian friends. After the coast is
    clear grab the Holocron(21) immediately to the left of where you
    entered then continue around the left wall until you see the next
    Holocron(H22). Beyond this you will see a Health Holocron near three
    tall mushrooms. Grab it and then destroy the mushrooms for a
    Holocron(H23). Head back behind you and destroy the first tall mushroom
    you see along the right wall, grab the Holocron(H24) then continue into
    the new area marked green on your map. Fight your way up the hill
    making sure to destroy the first two mushrooms along the left side for
    a Holocron(H25). When you finally get to the part where the slope
    starts going down use the Force to toss the rock aside there for
    another Holocron(H26) and proceed down to face Shaak Ti.

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    Part 7: Felucia Boss - Intermission: Intermission: Vader's Flagship

    | Boss: Shaak Ti |

    The Jedi Master welcomes you as her Rancor mount is eaten by the large
    plant behind her. First thing as the fight starts grab the last
    Holocron(H27) near her and in front of where you start. For the first
    part of the battle engage her with Force Lightning as you move in to
    attack with your lightsaber. The Jedi Master is strong with the Force
    and quick on her feet so it can be tricky to catch up to her but when
    you do attack quickly and make sure to beat any saber locks that might
    appear. She likes to keep you at a distance for Force Push and then
    toss her saber at you but she is also quite formidable up close. After
    about a quarter of her life is gone she will call in reinforcements.
    Attack them in any way you see fight then turn back to the Jedi Master
    and keep at her with Force Lightning and lightsaber attacks. Force
    Locks and saber locks will pop up and they are the key to victory so
    make sure you are the one left standing. Shaak Ti never changes her
    basic strategy so it becomes easy to learn and avoid. IF she starts to
    land more then her fair of blows with her lightsaber jump away and come
    at her again. Soon she will start pausing to meditate and restore her
    health and at this point you should attack with any debris you can find
    lying around or Force Lightning if you are close enough. She is
    momentarily vulnerable after restoring her health so use that to your

    Keep up the attacks until her life drains to under a quarter left the
    finishing move will begin and after successful completion the Jedi
    Master falls to her death. You grab her lightsaber as you walk away.
    Back aboard your ship PROXY has a message from Vader. It seems Darth
    Vader is finally ready to reveal your presence to the Emperor and make
    his move to overthrow him. He commands you to return to his ship, the
    Executor, at once.

    For a successful mission you unlock a new Force Power called "Sith
    Barrage" as well Jedi Master Shaak Ti for use in the Duel Mode. You can
    also now read about Shaak Ti, Felucian Warrior, Felucian Shaman and
    Rancor in the database.

    4.07 Intermission: Vader's Flagship

    | Holocron: 0 |
    | Lightsaber Crystal: none |
    | Lightsaber hilt: none |
    | Health Holocron: none |
    | Force Holocron: none |
    | Moves Unlocked: 1: Sith Scorcher |
    | Characters Unlocked: 1: Jedi Luke |
    | Costume Unlocked: 1: Sith Robe |

    NOTE: Although this "level" offers no gameplay it does deserve its own
    section because you do receive awards for completion. Mainly though
    this serves as the climax of the story in The Force Unleashed.

    Starkiller arrives on the Executor just as the Emperor's fleet arrives.
    After asking when you both make your move Vader informs you that he
    didn't summon the Emperor but rather his spies have learned of you and
    followed you here. Darth Vader stabs you in the back with his
    lightsaber as Emperor Palpatine enters the room. Palpatine orders Lord
    Vader to kill you and prove his allegiance which Vader promptly
    complies with. Lord Vader tosses you about the room then out a Window
    into the void of space. As the Emperor turns and leave a small droid
    flies out from the Executor towards your lifeless body.

    That's right, you aren't dead. Starkiller wakes up, months later,
    strapped to a table much like the one that gave birth to Darth Vader as
    he's known today. Starkiller screams at Vader for the treachery but
    then the plan comes to light. Seems the Emperor had to think you were
    dead in order for the plan to overthrow him to be enacted. Vader has
    brought you back from your death to help him. The first step in the
    process is for you to "sever all ties to your past" as Vader puts it
    and form an alliance of rebels to gain the attention of the Emperor and
    supply Vader with his opportunity to strike. The ship you are on, the
    ISS Empirical, is being sent into the core of the systems sun to erase
    all traces of you being alive so Starkiller flees with PROXY who is
    revealed to the Vader you see standing before you. On the way out Juno
    is rescued after being locked up on charges of treason. The trio make
    it to the Rogue Shadow and take off just in time.

    Even Juno must not know who you still work for. The only thing she is
    told is that your task now is to gather all the help there is to form
    an alliance to fight against the Empire. Your first check on your list
    is to find Rahm Kota, the Jedi who told you that he himself was in your
    future. A course is set for Nar Shaddaa.

    You gain the new Force Power "Sith Scorcher" as well as the Sith Robe
    costume and Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker for use in the duel mode. Your
    ability to block fire with your lightsaber is upgraded and you can also
    read about The Undertow and The Empirical in the database as well as an
    updated entry for Juno that tells a little more about what went on with
    her over the last few months.

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    Part 8: Nar Shiddaa - Trial of Spirit

    4.08 Nar Shaddaa

    | Holocron: 10 |
    | Lightsaber Crystal: none |
    | Lightsaber hilt: 1 |
    | Health Holocron: 1 |
    | Force Holocron: 1 |
    | Moves Unlocked: 1: Power Slam |
    | Characters Unlocked: 1: Mace Windu |
    | Costume Unlocked: none |

    After the Rogue Shadow touches down you'll be on a landing platform on
    the edge of city. Take a look at the walkway that goes downwards in
    front of you. A Holocron(H1) is floating above the first archway.
    Continue down the walkway until you enter The Undertow, a seedy little
    bar that looks dangerous and has a weird soundtrack playing. All the
    patrons notice you as you walk up to the counter and "ask" the
    bartender where you can find Kota. It seems you didn't "ask" nice
    enough because after hearing what you need a whole group of the bar
    patrons attack you for the bounty on Jedi. It is tight quarters so make
    use of Pummel and other Force based attacks to destroy the group and
    eventually a door to the next part of the bar will open. Before leaving
    to the new area make sure to destroy all the furniture in the room to
    grab a Holocron(H2) near the entrance of the area. Another Holocron(H3)
    will appear near the newly opened area after all enemies are defeated
    and the room is trashed.

    Head down the ramp until you hit the door to the next area. Jump to the
    arch above to grab a new Lightsaber Hilt then proceed. In the next room
    of The Undertow first destroy all the enemies then once again destroy
    all the furniture in the room which will grant you two more
    Holocron(H4, H5). One is under a table on the left hand side and the
    other appears on the right after all the furniture is destroyed. There
    is also a Force Holocron accessible by destroying the pole holo-dancer
    machine in the middle of the room. Immediately after exiting the room
    grab the next Holocron(H6) above the first arch on the walkway then
    make your way through the enemies to the next room below.

    Destroy all the bar scum on the lower level in this new area before
    heading up the stairs then do the same up here. There is a Holocron(H7)
    sitting between two arches in the wall so grab it as you make your way
    around killing the enemies. After the coast is clear look for a drunken
    General Kota sitting in one of the tables and approach him to trigger
    the next cutscene. After General Kota displays his disinterest in
    helping you another group of bar patrons will attack you so you'll need
    to dispatch of them quickly to continue. After the enemies are all gone
    take the time to destroy all the furniture and large viewscreens on
    this top level, doing so will make two holocron(H8, H9) as well as a
    Health Holocron appear. The Health Holocron will be right near the
    stairs as you make your way down and the two Holocron will appear on
    opposite ends of the lower level room before you head back out to the

    As the door opens a group of Imperial Stormtroopers spot you and
    attack. You can either ignore them and run or fight your way through
    them so long as you make your way back to the first room of The
    Undertow. As you enter you are Force Pushed into a wall and an Imperial
    Shadow Guard appears.

    |Boss: Shadow Guard |

    First thing you will obviously notice about this boss is he has the
    ability to use the Force and wields a lightsaber so your methodology of
    attack can be similar to other Jedi and Sith you have fought. As the
    battle starts make sure to grab the last Holocron(H10) near the bar
    before anything else. You'll first want to dispose of the Stormtroopers
    he brought along with him to the battle before attempting to fight the
    Shadow Guard. Defeating him is a matter of staying close and quick. If
    you move away from him he'll pick you up and choke you with the Force
    so a quick Force Push is in order to break free. Using a combination of
    flying debris and tossing your lightsaber can bring his health down
    quickly otherwise just move in for quick two or three hit combos or
    attack from the air with Saber Assault or Ground Slam. Make use of Dark
    Rage whenever you can. Once again any Force locks or Saber locks are
    crucial so make sure you are the victor. Once his life hits about half
    depletion a group of Shadowtroopers will appear to aid and continue to
    appear as you destroy them. The best tactic is to kill a few of them to
    even the odds before engaging the Shadow Guard again. Pummel is a quick
    and easy way to clear a group of Shadowtroopers quickly. Force
    Lightning can also be useful but you have to catch him off guard for it
    to matter. Stick with these strategies and make good use of Force Repel
    to clear some space if you feel crowded and the Shadow Guard will meet
    his doom after being flung out of the bar down to the planet below.

    After his defeat General Kota emerges drunk and while he still doesn't
    think anything will change, agrees to help you by putting you in
    contact with a Senator that may be able to help form an alliance.
    General Kota comes along with you back to the Rogue Shadow. After
    getting the drunken Jedi Master seated a course is set for the Jedi
    Temple on Coruscant because "something is pulling" you back there.

    For a successful mission you gain the new Force Power "Power Slam" as
    well as Mace Windu for use in the Duel mode. You can also now read
    about the Shadow Guard, Imperial Shadow Trooper and the Trial of Spirit
    in the database.

    4.09 Trial of Spirit

    | Holocron: 8 |
    | Lightsaber Crystal: none |
    | Lightsaber hilt: none |
    | Health Holocron: none |
    | Force Holocron: none |
    | Moves Unlocked: 1: Sith Seeker |
    | Characters Unlocked: 1: Mara Jade |
    | Costume Unlocked: Kento's Robe |

    The Rogue Shadow sets down to the now familiar sight of Imperial
    Stormtroopers approaching. Immediately run under the landing platform
    to grab the first Holocron(H1) then head back up the stairs and make
    short work of all the Stormtroopers and Sentinels that greeted your
    ship. Enter the main hall as you have twice before and clear out all
    the Imperials inside including a new jetpack variant. Be patient as the
    streams of enemies seem to come from nowhere but soon enough the hall
    will stand quiet. After enough have been killed a lone Stormtrooper
    will be shown running away towards our next objective but before you
    follow make sure to grab the Health Holocron from underneath the right
    side stairs. Be careful! A pair of Sentinels awaits you as you round
    the corner to the underground passage the Stormtrooper fled too. Once
    you have defeated destroy the very tall statue to the right of the
    passage for a Holocron(H2) before venturing below.

    The short passage leads to a large underground cavern filled with even
    more Imperials. Grab the Holocron(H3) to the left of the stairs before
    engaging the group. At the end of the cavern as you reach the steps
    will be another Holocron(H4) tucked away to the right. After the area
    is clear go ahead and make your way up the stairs and to the left. At
    the end of the passage will be a large pile of rubble you'll need to
    clear with the Force as well as the next Holocron(H5) in the archway
    nearby. Clear the rubble and continue forward. Kill the two
    Stormtroopers that attack from the left then lift the large fallen
    pillar to retrieve a Holocron(H6). Head down the newly accessed
    hallway. More enemies will be waiting to ambush you but they are easy
    enough dealt with. Ignore the stairs you see at the end of the hallway
    and go down the blocked hallways around the corner, clear the fallen
    pillars and grab the Holocron(H7) then you can proceed up the stairs.

    A vanguard of Imperials will be guarding a door in the area above the
    steps. You'll need to kill enough of them to gain way to the elevator
    behind it. Once you do, enter the elevator to reach the next area which
    turns out to be the Jedi Council's main audience chamber. As you exit
    the elevator you step right into a battle between Darth Vader and an
    old Jedi you've never seen before. Just as the Jedi is about to kill
    Lord Vader you leap in and defend.

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    Part 9: Trial of Spirit Boss - Kashyyyk

    | Boss: Rogue Jedi |

    Starkiller might not know who this Jedi is but we do and this time,
    he's a hell of a lot tougher. The first thing you'll notice is his
    increased lightsaber defense which can be used to your advantage by way
    of the Dark Rage force power. The Rouge Jedi is quick on his feet,
    dashing about the room before you can get a bead on him. When he's
    close he'll attack quickly with his saber and when there is ground
    between you he will either toss his lightsaber or use a large Force
    Push. Depending on his location relative to yours is how you should
    attack. If he is far from you attempt to use the Jedi Council chairs
    and the pieces of the large statues to toss at him for considerable
    damage or you can hit him with Sith Scorcher which almost always ends
    in a Force Lock. Be on the look out for the last Holocron(H8) laying
    behind some fallen pillars as you fight. Engaging him lightsaber to
    lightsaber isn't the best idea due to his speed and accuracy but you
    might score a lucky hit or two after a Ground Slam or Saber Assault. If
    and when he does a back flip away from your be prepared to grab him up
    and toss your lightsaber at him for a quick hit. As the Rogue Jedi
    approaches defeat he'll start to have a blue fog around him indicating
    he is willing to use Force Repulse so be on the look out. When he tries
    you can avoid it and attack with a Ground Slam for a cheap hit.

    After a long drawn out battle the finishing move will finally play and
    the identity of the Jedi will be revealed to you. Confused, you make
    your way back to the ship.

    Defeating this level grants a new Force Power "Sith Seeker", the
    Kento's Robe costume, Mara Jade for use in Duel Mode and most
    importantly, opens up the top tier for Force Powers; allowing them to
    be upgraded to their maximums if you choose. Make sure you go read the
    new database entry Kento Nion, which replaces the Fugitive Jedi Entry
    as well as the Imperial Jumptrooper entry and an updated entry for

    4.10 Kashyyyk

    | Holocron: 20 |
    | Lightsaber Crystal: 3: red, orange, Dragite |
    | Lightsaber hilt: 1 |
    | Health Holocron: 2 |
    | Force Holocron: 2 |
    | Moves Unlocked: none |
    | Characters Unlocked: 1: Obi-Wan Kenobi |
    | Costume Unlocked: Corellian Flight Suit |

    After getting back on board the Rogue Shadow you try to share the
    vision you battled with General Kota but he doesn't want to hear it.
    Instead he tells you that a contact of his is waiting on Kashyyyk and
    might help in forming an alliance. Apparently, to get on his contacts
    good side something is on the Wookiee Homeworld that needs to be
    retrieved. The Rogue Shadow sets down outside an Imperial outpost.

    You'll be attacked immediately after leaving the landing pad. Destroy
    all the approaching Imperials and grab the Holocron(H1) at the foot of
    the stairs to the right. You'll have to Force Push the foliage to make
    it appear. As you continue up hill you'll spot another Holocron(H2)
    directly in front of you overgrown by plants. As your round the corner
    into a large clearing more Imperials will attack including an AT-ST.

    | Mini-Boss: AT-ST |

    This walker seems to be more armored and resilient then the one you
    fought previously at the TIE construction yard. As the battle starts
    grab the Demolition charge in front of you and toss it at the group of
    Stormtroopers then finish off any survivors with your lightsaber. You
    can choose to engage the AT-ST with your lightsaber like you have
    before or you can do like the Wookiees do and make good use of your
    environment. Use the Force to lift any of the sizeable rocks from the
    ground and slam them into the legs of the AT-ST. Stay away from it as
    much as possible and the walker will eventually fall, leaving the area
    quiet. Double back to the entrance of the area and grab a Holocron(H3)
    hiding behind a rock to the right of where you entered. Next, look for
    the burning wreckage of a Wookiee vehicle. A red Lightsaber crystal and
    a Force Holocron will have appeared after the AT-ST was toppled. From
    the wreckage do an about face and you'll see a lone tree with a small
    bush across the way. Force Push that bush to make another Holocron(H4)

    Continue through the narrow opening towards the next area. The first
    bush you see after entering the opening hides a Holocron(H5) that will
    appear after a Force Push. As you enter the next large clearing you'll
    hear the desperate cries of Wookiees coming from within a few large
    cages. Free the Wookiees from the cage to help you fight the Imperials
    ahead... or you can just kill them. The rock behind the first cage
    hides a Health Holocron so make sure to grab it before running ahead to
    attack. Grab the Holocron(H6) from the bushes behind the turret.
    Another Holocron(H7) is behind the second Wookiee cage. Using the Force
    to clear a path, proceed into the next area ahead where a large group
    of Stormtroopers are guarding a door. Kill the Stormtroopers, grab the
    Holocron(H8) to the right of the door and then blow it open to enter
    the next area.

    Beyond the door a rather sizeable contingent of Imperial troops is
    guarding a Lambda shuttle. Clear the present Stormtroopers and the
    following waves, the last those little flying bastards, and the Force
    Field will drop on the door near the shuttle. On the left wall of the
    area is a large rock with a Holocron(H9) underneath so grab it before
    heading through the door. After forcing your way through the door into
    the new area grab the first large rock to your right for a
    Holocron(H10) then jump right into the current battle between the
    Imperials and Wookiees. The Wookiees in this area are a lot tougher
    then the ones you freed and seem to be guarding something. If you stand
    back there is a good chance they will take care of all the Imperials
    for you. Down below are more Imperials waiting for you but first head
    over to the left wall of the area and cut the first fallen tree with
    your lightsaber to reveal another Holocron(H11) Finally, take the time
    to destroy all the plants and trees around to make a Holocron(H12)
    appear on the left side of the area; you will have to look under a
    large rock. Proceed down and through the door. Immediately to your left
    is an orange Lightsaber crystal. You'll spot another AT-ST ahead of you
    so rush forward to engage.

    | Mini-Boss: AT-ST |

    Again, clear the ground troops before turning your attention to the
    walker. You can use the surrounding rocks to knock the living daylights
    out of the Walker or even use lightsaber tosses. The rate at which this
    AT-ST tries to step on you seems to be higher so if you get close be
    ready to beat the lock. This AT-ST falls with a familiar finishing
    move. Take this time to clean up any remaining Stormtroopers. If you
    take a look at the map you'll notice the area you are in is shaped in a
    circle of shorts. If you are looking towards the green area on your map
    head over to the left section, behind the Wookiee barricade to grab the
    Force Holocron that appears after the AT-ST is defeated. Force Push the
    plants along the wall opposite where the Force Holocron was for a
    Holocron(H13) then head around to the right side of the area traveling
    backwards in a circle. Near a tree is a large round boulder that can be
    tossed aside to reveal a Holocron(H14). Once the area is secure and the
    loot yours head towards the north. As you approach to large towers that
    have fallen you can grab a Lightsaber hilt on the ground floating with
    a Bacta container. Head forward through the narrow passage; grabbing
    the Holocron(H15) beneath the pile of rocks at the start of the

    Upon exiting you'll be in another circular area with two paths spread
    out in front of you. First, destroy the large green plant in front of
    where you are standing to reveal a Holocron(H16) then travel along the
    left path. Move aside the large rock here to grab a Holocron(H17) then
    look behind the plants in front of where the rock was to obtain a
    Health Holocron. Make your way through the area and any Imperial
    entanglements. As you fight your way past more troops you'll see
    another downed Wookiee craft. Beyond its wreckage along the right wall
    is another Holocron(H18), hidden behind some vines. Continue up the
    hill until you spot a flood of Stormtroopers coming out of a bunker
    with two large towers in front of it. Knock the towers down to collect
    the Holocron(H19) hidden here. Ignore the Stormtroopers, as they
    continue to pour out indefinitely, and head up the hill farther. As the
    path gets narrow Force Push all along the left wall until the last
    Holocron(H20) appears to the right then continue into the bunker ahead.

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    Part 10: Kashyyyk Boss - Dark Felucia

    | Boss: Ozzik Sturn |

    Outside the main compound you'll run into the Imperial Commander Ozzik
    Sturn in control of a heavily modified AT-ST. Don't let the large guns
    fool you, he's not that though. Surrounding Ozzik is are shield
    generators that not only cover themselves in a protective shield but
    can also extend the shields around the AT-ST. Ignore the never ending
    rush of Stormtroopers throughout the battle as they pose little threat.
    When the battle starts out use any of the demolition charges as flying
    bombs to deal some damage to the AT-ST. Ozzik will unleash large
    volleys from the walkers weapons at you long range and try to stomp on
    you if you are close. When the demolition charges run out you can
    either toss your lightsaber or boulders at the walker. When Ozzik's
    life drops to around three quarters the shield generators will start to
    protect him as he attacks but as each generator protects the walker,
    the shields for the generator itself will be gone. You need to rush to
    the active generator, destroy all four of the supports holding it up
    then Force Push the generator off the stand. Be quick though because
    after awhile another generator will take the workload of protecting
    Ozzik and the previous one's shield will come back on. After each one
    is destroyed there is a brief moment where the walker has no shields so
    let loose with ranged attacks. Tossing the generators at the AT-ST
    deals decent damage. If you are feeling brave you can move in for
    Ground Slams or Saber Assault and the walker is also vulnerable to
    Force Lightning\Sith Scorcher.

    Eventually Ozzik can take no more and you deal him his final blow.
    Heading inside you discover a young women and an astromech droid. She
    assumes you are an assassin but after learning you came to rescue her
    she thanks you, sort of, and leaves on her own in the Lambda shuttle we
    traveled past earlier. Confused; Starkiller heads back aboard the Rogue

    For a mission well done you unlock Obi-Wan Kenobi for use in Duel Mode,
    the Dragite lightsaber crystal which increases the damage of your
    blows, a Corellian Flight Suit costume as well as earning increased
    accuracy blocking blaster bolts. There are also a few new database
    entries; Princess Leia, Imperial Heavy Trooper and Corrupted Felucia.

    4.11 Dark Felucia

    | Holocron: 13 |
    | Lightsaber Crystal: 2: green, Firkrann |
    | Lightsaber hilt: 1 |
    | Health Holocron: 2 |
    | Force Holocron: 2 |
    | Moves Unlocked: none |
    | Characters Unlocked: 1: Maris Brood |
    | Costume Unlocked: Jungle Combat Gear |

    Back aboard the Rogue Shadow General Kota reveals just who that young
    women was you just rescued. Turns out that after Kota refused to help
    her father, Bail Organa, rescue his daughter Bail headed to Felucia
    where he hoped to make contact with the Jedi Master Shaak Ti. Bail
    Organa has since gone missing on the planet so we are heading back.
    Unknown to General Kota presumably but Shaak Ti isn't alive anymore so
    Starkiller immediately senses something is wrong.

    A small cutscene will play revealing that Senator Bail Organa is being
    held hostage by Maris Brood, the former Padawan of the late Shaak Ti.
    As the ship touches down it's revealed that Starkiller is purposely
    trying to hide is real identity from General Kota and will kill him if
    need be to keep it a secret.

    As you gain control turn immediately around and grab the first
    Holocron(H1) underneath the Rogue Shadow. Head back forward until you
    see the Rancor skeleton you need to pass through. Send a Force Push
    through the left side of the bones to reveal the second Holocron(H2)
    then continue through. As you head down the hill the sounds of a battle
    will become clear and you'll witness a group of Rebels fighting with
    some Imperial Stormtroopers. Why both parties are here is a mystery but
    the game prompts you to destroy the Imperials. Once the area is clear
    of Imperials the remaining Rebels will fill you in on the location of
    the Senator. After gaining control head back up the hill where the
    battle started and look for a rib cage of a Rancor near the cliff.
    Destroy all the ribs with the Force to uncover a Holocron(H3). Proceed
    back near the entrance of the area and grab the Holocron(H4) to the
    right near the Rancor skull then finally head towards the web that
    blocks the path to the next area. Before clearing it out with the Force
    grab another Holocron(H5) to the left near the Rancor Skull.

    After the web is removed you'll drop down into a ravine then head up a
    small hill. A small group of the natives will attack. They seem to have
    grown more hostile and thoughtless since your last encounter so pay
    extra attention. As the area opens up to a large space look to the left
    and you'll see a Felucian standing on top of a mushroom growing out of
    the side of the mountain. Toss the enemy down before jumping up
    yourself for a Holocron(H6). Ignoring the large area in front of you
    continue to hug the wall you are on until you hit a small hill that
    leads up to a metallic door you'll need to destroy to get through. It's
    guarded by a few Felucians but by now they shouldn't bother you. Seems
    you have stumbled on the Imperial camp. Fight your way through
    Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers and these nasty little droids that
    explode upon defeat. As you pass the second bunker jump on the roof and
    travel to the back to grab the Holocron(H7) and Force Holocron hidden
    behind then, turning to the left, look for a bunker with a satellite
    dish on top; another Holocron(H8) rests behind it. Inside the camp
    you'll have to make your way up a small hill with another bunker at the
    top. More Imperials will come rushing out so deal with them, destroy
    the two containers near the door for a Holocron(H9), jump up to the
    roof of the barrack building to grab a Health Holocron then continue up
    the hill to a landing platform where a Lambda shuttle is being guarded
    by an Imperial Officer. After a little persuasion the officer tells the
    location of Senator Organa. A Jedi is holding him hostage.

    The officer overcomes the Jedi Mind trick to sound an alarm. You'll
    have to backtrack through the Imperial camp to the large area we were
    in earlier. The alarm has brought more Stormtroopers and turrets so be
    on the look out or you can simple traverse the roofs of the buildings
    to avoid most of the conflict. As you enter that large area from before
    you run right into Senator Organa and free him. Maris shows up and her
    trained Bull Rancor attacks.

    | Mini-Boss: Bull Rancor |

    Before fighting the Bull Rancor lets take a few moments to grab the
    goodies hidden around this area. First is a Force Holocron near the
    wall right where the Senator was sitting. You should have seen it when
    you meet up with him. From there turn around and run to the wall all
    the way on the opposite side of the area and look around behind the
    short green plants for a Health Holocron. Turn your attention to the
    large Bull Rancor now. Don't let his size or demeanor scare you off.
    The best tactic to use is to have him follow you to the center of the
    area and use the cockpit wreckage found here as a flying ram to deplete
    its health. The Bull Rancor is also very susceptible to Force Lightning
    so use when you have an opening. The Bull Rancor is very fast and tries
    to run you over as well as swiping at you with its claws. If you get to
    close it might also try to eat you so break free by matching the
    prompts on screen like a saber lock. Once its health drops below a
    quarter the finishing move will start and the Bull Rancor will die.

    You'll regain control standing right in front of a web barrier that
    needs to be cleared before you can continue. Make sure to grab the
    Lightsaber Hilt on the ground in front of you before heading through to
    the next area. Head down the small hill and kill all the Felucians that
    are guarding the area behind them. Once you make your way down to where
    you see tall green stone pillars search to the right behind them for a
    Holocron(H10) then hop up on to the purple flowers and look around. To
    the right and left you will spot two more Holocron(H11, H12) both on
    top of another flower. Once you have them head towards the web barrier
    blocking the path but before heading through search the area to the
    right for a green Lightsaber crystal. After you clear the path you'll
    fight your way up a small hill in the cave before heading out into the
    clearing where Maris Brood attacks.

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