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Thread: Configurable USB Loader Error, please help

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    Configurable USB Loader Error, please help

    hello everyone, recently today I got this error while trying to load any game in Configurable USB Loader

    IOS (250
    Frag: mload_init Error
    Set_frag: -4
    Error: Set WBFS: -4

    Any idea?

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    you need more info... like:
    What version of cfg
    what format is your hdd
    how old your softmod is

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    im getting the same problem i recently switched from a wbfs drive to a fat 32 drive via transfer with wii back up manager now cfg loader gives me the "set wbfs error: -4" with almost all my games usb gx works great but i like to have a backup loader my softmod is old but ive never had any problems or bricks thanks to the tuts here i used mauifrogs guide to hack my (2008 model) software version 4.3 wii. i know everyone hates v4.3 but i already had v4.3 before i learned how to hack. any how i recently moved my backups from a wbfs drive to a fat 32 drive and cfg loader will only load "COD Black ops". but like i said usb loader gx works great. i have went into the cfg loaders config and changed it to read the fat 32 drive and it just dont work. i just dont want to brick my wii and would like cfg loader to work because every now and then i backup a game that cfg plays better than usb gx. do i need a some new cios or something?

    BTW im using cfg loader v70
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