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Thread: The ways that bricks a Wii (newbie want to avoid it)

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    Question The ways that bricks a Wii (newbie want to avoid it)

    I would like to know how can i brick my Wii, so i wont be close of that way xD
    Honestly i wanted to know what we musnt do to dont brick the Wii.
    I hear smth about some games are able to brick Wii :s

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    The only time i've heard a wii being bricked is either by messing up on the soldering, or running the NTSC ver of paper mario on a PAL system before updating the wii to the latest firmware... (I hope i got that right)

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    after modding the wii, either update the firmware from a japanese game disk to US wii or update the firmware from a US game disk to Japanese wii.

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    yes and no

    Soldering it wrong wont brick it, you just use a copper threaded wire to repair solder points and try again. Unless you some how soldered the main power point to others on the board. well then you might as well be asking for it. But the only way currently is to not have an updated WII when playing a game of diffrent region codes and going through with that update. It can be easily fixed before burning the ISO but using a Brick update patch on all ISO's. easily found on torrent sites.


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