According to a online German language website,, Nintendo has announced that it wonít be showing itís upcoming Wii-U to press or public at the worlds largest gaming exhibition next week.
The shock decision not to exhibit at Gamescom has been put down to security issues which doesnít make a whole lot of sense and has me wondering whether they are still reeling from the investor lashing they received after the E3 unveiling.
After the E3 unveiling Nintendoís stock price plummeted by over 12% with investors and certain media feeling that they have missed the point and are investing to heavily in a device that isnít wanted or required by the mainstream gaming community.
This could be as simple as Nintendo says and that they donít want to show the Wii-U to anyone at the worlds biggest gaming exhibition due to some security issue that they couldnít work around or it could be something a lot bigger.
Maybe Nintendo are rethinking the entire design and arenít ready to unveil the new idea or maybe they are trying to avoid taking any limelight away from the 3DS, a strategy that was officially unveiled a last week.
Either way itís not a good idea to hide your upcoming world dominating console away from the general media or public after showcasing it. I donít expect the Wii-U to be out until after Gamescom next year now.