I know that this fall's The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword won't be the final video game for the Wii, but it is likely to be remembered as the last big game for Nintendo's mighty system. That's cool, I guess, but I believe that Jerry Rice & Nitus Dog Football—announced today as shipping on August 16!—would have been the better final Wii game.
Let's look at what it has going for it:
-Game about something you never thought they'd make a game out of.
-Random celebrity endorsement.
-Abundant cheerfulness.
-A general air of "they'll sell anything on this system."

Is this not the prototypical Wii game? I love my copies of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption,Little King's Story and Red Steel 2, but prototypical games of the Wii era they were not.
The news today, I think, is that Jerry Ricewill be on the Wii on August 16. It was arelatively short time coming. You can play a Flash version of the game now at development studio Judobaby's website.