Overnight we posted about the then upcoming PlayStation 3 Firmware update, 3.70. That update has now been released for everyone to download, and presumably if you’re on PlayStation Plus you’ll have the notification that your PS3 has already downloaded it ready for you to install.
One of the key features was what Sony were calling ‘Automatic Trophy Syncing’, a feature exclusive to PlayStation Plus. However, this isn’t what we expected – it basically just runs a full Trophy sync when the system’s off. Sure, this keeps your account a little more up to date than manually doing it, but it’s still nothing like the truly automatic nature of 360 Achievements.It’s odd why they haven’t really pursued this method – it’s much cleaner and quicker and means that your mates can instantly see which Trophies you’ve got. Presumably it’s a bandwidth issue rather than anything technical, but this new ‘auto sync’ really isn’t that impressive.
Of more use is the automatic save game upload for Plus subscribers, which will ensure that – once you’ve selected them – your save games will be pushed to the cloud in case you ever need to restore them, which is handy.
Apparently (the options are only available to Japanese owners just now so we can’t verify) 3.70 also includes menu options for PSP Remasters, the high def updates of classic PSP titles. The options include the ability to switch from ‘normal’ to full screen (presumably some scaling), 3D on/off (with 1-7 depth adjustment) and Ad-hoc functionality.
Other features, available to all users, include the ability to send PSN Store recommendations to friends over PSN and a tweak to the US XMB layout to include the same ‘TV/Video’ column that European users will be used to. Other tweaks are rather techy – 3D support for Blu-ray 3D Java features and the ability to play back high-def audio like DTS-HD MA when viewing a 3D film.
Finally, 3D photos (in .MPO format) are viewable on the XMB and the Photo Gallery application, and they’ve reverted the Friends list back to proper alphabetical order.