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Thread: Wii won't stay connected to internet

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    Wii won't stay connected to internet

    Hey guys, I felt like pwning some noobs on Black Ops, but I got the error that I couldn't connect to Wifi. So I went to the Wii menu to fix this. I re-established the connection perfectly, so I went on Black Ops, but I still couldn't connect. It was working perfectly fine a week ago. So I have 2 theories of what might be happening.

    1. I highly doubt this but could my HDD be blocking the connection because it is on top of the Wii?

    2. Could my router have too many devices connected, I changed my connection a month ago but never really changed the Wii untill about 2 weeks ago. Some other devices could have been added.

    Let me know what you guys think.
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    There could be a number of reasons, but the most likely one is simply that the Wifi does not have enough power to maintain the connection. You mentioned switching connections and probably got a new modem/router, which might have a less powerfull Wifi. I would try moving the wii closer to test it, to see whether that is the problem.
    If that is not the problem, it might be that other devices, or other wireless networks are interfering. Try disconnecting some devices to test. If that doesn't solve it, try changing your wireless channel.
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    Thanks, that didn't really help, I turned the PC that was connected to the Router on, either that did it or it just started working.
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