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Thread: Wii bricked from wii theme

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    Exclamation Wii bricked from wii theme

    I bricked my wii tryna install a theme for my wii, it show the health and safety screen (at least where is supposed to be but its replaced by the theme) and when i press A it shows the "system menu files are corrupted wii" screen. I dont have priiloader, starfall, or Bootmii as boot2 but it may be as an IOS im not sure. I also dont have a modchip or anything like that. My wii was previously softmodded with homebrew and such things i just cant access the system menu. Im on system menu 4.2U any help. Its been bricked for about a year now and i really miss it

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    Man,it doesn't sound good. Just to make sure do these 2 things:

    1) Power on while holding reset and see if you can get to priiloader

    2) power down and power on again with all discs out and see if your dvd light flashes once, or twice quickly.

    Without those fail safes you might be in a pickle unless you have a nand backup and your wii is old enough to support bootmii as boot2. Good luck!

    edit: depending on what system menu you were on a modchip preprogramed to autoboot might work as well since you haven't used it in a while as long as your sm ios is in tact

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    You can fix it
    You can fix it with boot2 bootmii
    You can fix it with priiloader
    You can fix it with a modchip or dip patched system ios
    -With dip patched system ios (cioscorp) you can load a recovery disc via savemiifrii
    -With a modchip and a trucha patched system ios70 you can load a recoery disc via savemiifrii
    -with a modchip you can load a game exploit. You can install a game exploit by going to data managment via netflix disc. You can run smash stack pal via disc swap pwns.

    Without a modchip you can update the wii to 4.3u via savemiifrii using a retail ntsc-u game with a 4.3u system update.

    The fix is simple, install system ios and system menu via homebrew or disc update.

    Details on fixing with modchip from RM is found here- Read all the posts as each is a unique method.
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