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Thread: Can't get waninkoko cios 249 to install

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    Can't get waninkoko cios 249 to install

    Hi guys

    im new to this fourm , Im kinda loosing my marbles by trying to get cios 249 to install , I have tried a number of Apps packs from the fourm but can't seem to get this cios to install , as i WANT TO PLAY GAMES OF mY hdd :-( I've tried a number of FaQ's but none seem to help , In my home brw it say's ver IOs61 v22.29, I have cIOS38r17-Installer and Hermes_cIOS_installer_rev5 on my SD card , but evry time I click on the istall on home brew the wii, remote seems to freeze and 2 blue lights blink , am i missing nother cios maybe ?? Pls help , I got 95 games in wbfs from my cousin and I don't wanna write them to DVD to play em
    thanks a mill

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    you might want to follow a guide to do


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