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Thread: which files are essential on the sd card?

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    which files are essential on the sd card?

    Hi, this has probably been asked already, but I couldn't find it via the search. If so, please be so kind to refer me to the correct post and accept my apologies.

    I've softmodded a Wii according to this manual, all worked fine. However, for some reason the sd card has died recently, so there's no more accessing the ConfigurableUSBLoader. As far as I understand, I also need some more files on the sd card, for everything to run properly. So the question is: Do I need to reinstall the ConfigurableUSBLoader, or can I simply copy the files from another Wii's sd card? What about the boot.dol/elf/whatever? I guess I also need the hacks.ini?

    Thanks for your help!

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    You will need to get the forwarder files back on the SD...

    your best bet would to look at a hacking guide and get the files from there... not that you need to re-hack your wii just everything is in there...


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