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Thread: SSBB USB Loader GX problems

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    SSBB USB Loader GX problems

    I've been attempting to run SSBB off of a HDD but all my attempts have failed. I've been trying to use the latest version of USB Loader GX to do so.

    I'm running a 4.1 NTSC-U Wii, CIOS 38 rev 17
    NTSC HDD 2TB IOmega
    I've successfully ran Hermes installer V4 and V5

    I keep getting a Black Screen no matter how I run the game. I've tried many solutions but it still isn't working

    I've used these guides and It's still not working

    Can someone help me with this. It's becoming really annoying trying to get it to work
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    Any errors as you were ripping from the original retail disk?

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    My Disc reader is dying and is unable to read DL discs anymore, so I couldn't use my copy. I got the ISO file from a friend of mine. For all I know, the files have been ripped without errors

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    Use wii backup manager to transfer the iso to your hdd. If the file is bad you should know then.

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    I already transferred the file using Wii Backup manager without problems
    I just can't get it to run. Black screen keeps showing up
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    sorry for that, but I really want to know if anyone can solve my problem? It's been rather annoying for a while now

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