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Thread: GameCube Backup Errors

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    GameCube Backup Errors

    Did a search and didn't find anything relevant so here we go.

    Pokemon XD and Blood Omen 2 are giving me 'Disc Could Not Read' errors. Not sure what the problem would be. I'm using DVD-Rs, burning 4x speed, and I've used rips of my game discs and my friends for both trying to get them to work. Not sure what the problem is because all of my other games work flawless.

    I used this guide

    My other problem is my Super Mario Sunshine backup won't play video. I've tried all settings and the ones that work for my other games only produce sound with this one. Once again I searched but to no end.

    Any idea what could be doing this is appreciated.

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    Well, since you do have some games working then the modding part of it is working. After checking the compatibility list, and you know you have good rips of the original games (not downloaded games). The games are of the same region as your Wii since you ripped them. The only thing left is your disc, you either have a bad burn or a bad disc. Also check the compatibility list for anything special needed to get them working.


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