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Thread: Wii key fusion - Error message on the Mii channel

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    Exclamation Wii key fusion - Error message on the Mii channel

    I have a Fusion installed, wii software ver. 3.2E, the fusion works fine, and my backups run great, But when i try to use the store channel, or the Mii channel, i get a black screen with:

    "An error has occurred. Press the EJECT button, remove the Game Disc, and turn the power off. etc etc.....)

    It's not instant, its after about 15 seconds after i load the channels in question. The wireless seems to work fine, Mario Kart online games run ok. Had the chip for a while, but this is a new problem. Checked the internal cables, they all seem fine.

    Any advice guys? (or gals)


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    *bump* *bump*

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    I think I have the same issue actually I try to make a mii and I get into it maybe 15 seconds and I get an error and have to reboot everything else works fine I have home brew channel all the emulator channels bootmii priloader usb loader neo gamma and the wiikey fusion no issues with anything except the mii channel

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    Oof! Old post Well i got it sorted out in the end, I think I had to update the Wii firmware in the end, or downgrade it to .3 either way, be carefull doing this, as the incorrect version will lock your Wii!

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    Alright I'm not going to rush into this since everything is working great for me at the moment besides this, I've got bootmii boot2 setup also so I really don't have much to worry about but has anyone else had this problem and solved it if there is an answer accepted by a few people I'd be willing to try it then I'm 4.3u fyi and don't really want to downgrade, D3 drive also.



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