So, Rovio Mobile posted a teaser image on Facebook of non-other than our favorite birds, relaxing in what looks like a Chinese-themed setting. The tagline? “Can you guess where the Angry Birds are headed?”. So here’s the thing, that’s all we know, and there’s we have no idea what it could be for

It can’t be a Chinese New Year update for Seasons, that was way back in February. So what could it be? We have no idea. The only thing we can assume is that it’ll be a update to Angry Birds Seasons, not an entirely new app, and certainly not a update to Rio.

Maybe there’s a trade deal with China and Angry Birds. Or maybe the Chinese managed to make the birds less angry. All we can do now is sit and wait for more details from Rovio. Do you have any guesses? Right now, your best guess is just as good as ours because we have no clue!