Gaming today is one of the biggest businesses in the world, generating billions each year from the sales of consoles, games and accessories. I think it is fair to say that the 2 established leaders in this industry isMicrosoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3. Both companies have confirmed that they are currently developing their next generation consoles, namely the PS4 and Xbox 720, but what would you like to see them bring this time around?
One of the biggest arguments I normally hear from my friends is about online play. Xbox Live is a paid for subscription service and Sony offer their users the PlayStation Network for free. The general feeling is that as a result of Microsoft charging for multiplayer, it is worth it as you get a better service. What really upsets many gamers is the fact that there is no cross platform gaming which would allow users of both Xbox and PS3 to play online together. It has been said thatMicrosoft’s Windows 8 software bring the capability to play Xbox 360 games on your PC.
Obviously not everyone can afford both consoles and some stay loyal to only one anyway, so in my eyes the integration of cross platforming would be a great addition. I think it would certainly be a feature that attracts more users to the 720 or PS4, as well as not having to chose based on which console your friends buy. There have even been rumors that Sony and Microsoft may combine to create a console together. Microsoft’s software inside Sony’s hardware would make for a very interesting games console.

Whilst we are on the subject of hardware, the PlayStation 3 has a Blu-ray and 3D drive, a feat which the Xbox 360 does not. I am assuming that these key features will return with the PS4 and hopefully the 720 will adopt a few of them too. The PlayStation 3 also has its wireless adapter built in, for a more smooth rounded console where the Xbox relies on a connection from the back. Other issues that the 720 may want to address is its noisiness and bulky power cord. It has been claimed the 720 will come with breath taking graphics, reminiscent of those from James Cameron’s Avatar movie.
The PS3 has the ability to run 3D games such as Black Ops, although being a novelty, playing the game is made harder and after a while your eyes and head hurt. Would you like to see the Xbox 720 support 3D gaming with the PS4? One of the biggest advantages the Xbox 360 has over the PS3 is the hugely successful Kinect. The hands free motion sensing accessory has really put the PS Move to shame, however it has been rumored the PS4 will have this technology built in.
Sony’s 4th games console could launch as early as next year, entering into a 2012 sales war with Nintendo’s Wii U. You may be aware that Sony mysteriously just delayed the launch of their new portable console; the PlayStation Vita will miss Christmas and be with us next year. Does the probable launch of the PS4 have anything to do with this? Nintendo recently slashed the prices of their struggling 3DS consoles, however Sony maintain it has nothing to do with their delay decision.
In terms of prices, what can we expect from the 720 and PS4? The key factor is to make the consoles affordable to all, no mater how advanced and flashy they are. The Xbox has always been cheaper than the PS3, although Sony did slash their prices down to around £170 to make it more affordable and competitive. This could further hint to the PS4′s launch in 2012 as it is a similar strategy Apple has just done with theiPhone 4, making it cheaper to make room for the imminent iPhone 5. Overall, how much would you be prepared to pay for one of these future consoles?
We found out that Foxconn who supply Sony with parts, are planning to replace a majority of its workforce with robots by 2014. Do you think that machines creating these gadgets instead of man will have an impact on the gaming industry? I can see changes. As an owner of both consoles, for me the greatest addition would be the cross platform gaming, what about you? We are very interested to hear your thoughts and wishes on all of the things we have spoken about. Tell us what you would like to see from the PS4 and Xbox 720 by leaving a comment.