There have been many rumours, stories and hopes that Pokemon Grey (or whatever the sequel to Black/White would be called) was to come to either DS or 3DS. Well, good old Gamefreak have decided to crush all hope with a fiery fist of pain because in a (possibly-not) recent interview withthis potentially untrustworthy website Gamefreak stated that Pokemon Grey is NOT going to happen, that Black and White are already too perfect. Now before you get your hopes down, it makes sense that Gamefreak would say this so soon ofter the release of Black/White- if they reveal their next game it would surely hurt their sales. Interestingly though, Gamefreak at some stage also said that N's full life story would soon be revealed... maybe in a new pokemon game?

Even more interesting, though, is that Kyurem seems to have his own story, too. New mascot, perhaps? But good ol' Klobb doesn't know that much, so I had no other choice than to ask my brainiac counterpart for his opinion. His exact words are below:
Mr. Dr. Professor Klobb: "Well, there was Yellow, right? Followed by Crystal, Emerald and Platinum, huh? Therefore this scientifically proves that the dual screen-doohickey will probably play host to what everyone knows as 'Pokemon Grey'. However, it was the developers that denied that such a game will exist. Therefore I have no other choice than to ask what our somewhat incredibly clever and talented readers have to think. After all- their opinions are the most valuable!"
Thanks, professor. So, you heard the twit- what do YOU think Gamefreak are playing at? Are they lying? Or are they, uh, truthing? Discuss!