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Thread: Wiikey2 + Wiiclip2 v14 with fiemware 3.4U

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    Question Wiikey2 + Wiiclip2 v14 with fiemware 3.4U

    Dear all,

    First of all, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year.

    I`m newbie in this forum and have a nintendo Wii, wiichip D2C, 3.4U firmware.
    Yesterday I received my modchip from modchipcentral. (Wiikey2 + wiiClip2 V14)

    I read several posts in the forum, but I still have a doubt. Can I install my modchip (Wiikey 2) with firmware 3.4U? or should I do the downgrade to 3.2U

    I know if I have intention to install the Homebrew I need to do the downgrade, but if I do not use the HBC can I install the modchip without problems with the firmware 3.4U?

    Kinds Regards

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    Happy new year to you too.
    As we have said many times here, 3.4 f/w it is not a problem for the chip itsself.
    It blocks h/b and Nintendo is free to download and install new f/w without notice.
    That may be a problem in the future.
    All we know is that until now, there is no problem at all.
    I have 3.4 too with wiikey 2 installed, no prob at all.

    Hope this helps.

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    Please read my signature on the FYI about the 3.3 and 3.4 firmwares. It'll answer everything you need to know + provide a solution.

    Helpful Threads:
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