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Thread: Mii Channel Updater

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    Mii Channel Updater

    I know Admiral will probably answer this first so I will say that I searched multiple combinations of the words mii and channel before posting this.

    I have successfully downgraded to 3.2U (Thanks all!) and now want to get friends into my address book. In 3.3U I was able to do that through the Mii Channel, 3.2U however does not allow that and seems to be slow in loading as well. ChrisChown directed everyone to the Mii Channel Updater over at WiiBrew but it is no longer available.

    Does anyone know of a program that I can get that will allow me to update the Mii Channel without updating the version of the Wii?? always.

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    theres a link to a older one in our download section its the same as chris's

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    Alright, found the download for the all-in-one mii/shop/IOS updater. In the zip I changed the .dol file to boot.dol so that it was similar to everything else in the apps folder. I tried loading it before changing to the boot.dol and the homebrew could not find it. Hopefully it works this time.

    Thanks Admiral.


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