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Thread: back up games to computer for dvd without using external hard drive?

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    Question back up games to computer for dvd without using external hard drive?

    I have found alot of good threads to back up disks but it seems like they're for hard drives.
    I've been trying to find an easy way to backup my disks to my computer cuz I don't have an external hard drive cuz I can burn them to another dvd but after searching and reading posts it looks like only certain dvd drives like LG GDR drives will recognize the wii disks (I know mine doesn't!)
    I have noticed is most of the guides to back up dvd's to computer are all really old so I am wondering if I have missed something and maybe now there's a new way to back up dvd's without using a hard drive so that they can be burned to a dvd without having a certain dvd burner?
    Thanks for any suggestions
    BTW, I have searched the forum and google so if I have missed something you don't have to remark about being lazy or anything like that, I'm just trying to see if I missed anything *** I appreciate any feedback and suggestions!***

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    Use a wii app called cleanrip. It will rip the wii/gc game to a usb, sd. Then you copy the file to the pc and burn with imgburn

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    awsome, thanks I will try that


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