With these tools you can modify SZS *. szs files, create, convert to *. iso inject files, and much more. Wiimms SZS tools are mainly in the Mario Kart Wii Custom track scene in great demand, because there are in the format *. szs Mario Kart Wii routes.

Wiimms SZS tools are exclusively controlled via command line and are for the operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac (OSX) is available. Further information can be found on the official project page.

In this version, the new tool wkmpt and added two new commands for this. In addition, the new features and CREATE EXTRACT wszst integrated. Furthermore, now is the command - transform = - encode-img wszst available for the tool.
szs v0.15a r2917 - 2011-08-07

- New tool: wkmpt: Wiimms KMP Tool

- wkmpt DECODE: Decode a binary KMP file and store the results

as user friendly, but machine readable text file.

- wkmpt ENCODE: Encode a text KMP file and store the results binary.

Indexing and grouping and some other stuff are done automatically.

- wszst EXTRACT: KMP files are decoded automatically.

- wszst CREATE: Encode KMP files automatically if changed.

- New image options for wszst: --transform= --encode-img

Known bugs:

- If creating a BRRES the internal name of the sub file is not set to

the filename. This could be problematic if a sub file was renamed.

- Creating TPL images files with more than 1 image is not supported yet.

Only file 'savebanner.tpl' is known to have 2 images.

szs v0.14a r2862 - 2011-07-14

- New command: wszst UPDATE: Update sub files in an already existing archive.

- wbmgt --patch mode=file: A equal sign '=' is now used to separate mode and

filename. The old comma separator ',' is allowed but deprecated.

- New option for wimgt: --patch mode=file

This option allows to patch images by a list of other images.[/SPOILER]

Wiimms SZS Tools vo.15a