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    Cool Brick Question

    I am not sure what my friend did and his wii is bricked, by getting the black screen on start up, no system menue screen.
    i believe this wii is version 4.3 and he try to down grade to 4.1
    with the sd card, i can bood the wii up and with boot2 DOL loader v16 and be able to see the Multi-Mode-Manager v13.4. I couldnot get to the Priiloader either with reset while start up...

    I did try using the game cube remote and no luck also...

    Can anyone help me on this..? this is my very first Brick wii that i see...

    Thanks a lot for you help and support in advance.
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    Do chapter 2 of my softmod guide. See if that sorts it out. Let me know.
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    Thanks Mauifrog... i redo the Chapter 2 and NO LUCK...
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