Vostu, a Brazilian social network game developer, has received an injunction from a federal judge in Brazil for ripping off the gaming formula of Zynga.
Games like MegaCity, Minifarm and PetMania from Vostu have been accused of blatantly copying the look and feel of Zynga’s games.
After Zynga, creator of several social network games such as CityVille and FarmVille, filed a lawsuit against Vostu for copyright infrintement, the respondents representative retaliated on the plaintiff and called it a thief, especially in a TechCrunch report where Zynga CEO and founder Mark Pincus admitted in a video that he scammed Facebook users to make profit.
Lucky for Zynga, the federal judge had other matters in mind, and granted an injunction against Vostu ordering the company to stop all activities related to four of its games within 48 hours or pay an estimated $13,000 per day after the deadline.
Vostu has yet to comment on the ruling and its games still are running on Orkut, Google’s social network with a large user base in Brazil and India.
To top it all, Zynga even bothered to name Google, who owns shares in Pincus’ company, as a defendant for hosting games from Vostu in Orkut.