I DEFY you to find a more difficult game than Dark Souls, Namco Bandai’s third-person actioner for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

If you played Demon’s Souls (it’s a bit niche), the upcoming Dark Souls is that title’s more colourful sequel, boasting plenty of role-playing and some extremely tough fights.

I had a quick run-through on one of the levels in an uncomfortably hot warehouse in London last weekend. It was horrible.

Outside the temperature was 30 degrees, while inside it was even hotter, thanks to 40 sizzling consoles. Add to that 50 sweaty gaming hacks and it made for a very unpleasant afternoon.Honestly, some of my colleagues do not wash. They walked out of that warehouse smelling like old Roquefort.
The only thing that was cold was the wine, which is probably why I stayed.

The game, too, had its appeal, offering me a variety of different character classes from which to choose before I launched myself into the action...and was promptly killed.

Enemies are constant, all of whom seem to have the ability to down you with a couple of swipes. I quickly realised, to survive at all I had to master blocking, rolling and the parry.

Once dead, you can return to the same spot and have another crack at your destroyer, progressing through the game by a series of incremental steps.

Bonfires act as checkpoints, while skeletons, pigs and a variety of other notable nasties confront your every turn.
It was only the briefest glimpse at the full game and the difficulty standard is set particularly high.

But then this type of game isn’t built for mass appeal – it’s a mystical RPG with some scrapping thrown in. It’s Japanese.

Still, I liked it and so will you if you’re a devotee of the genre. Dark Souls comes out on October 7