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Thread: Re-Mod or Up-Mod my old Soft-Mod? :)

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    Re-Mod or Up-Mod my old Soft-Mod? :)


    Just want to start by saying Thank You for all the great guides and posts that have helped me and mine throughout the ages.

    Also, I am hoping that I am posting this in the right place

    Basically, I softmodded mi wii a very long time ago. It is currently looking like this
    HB 1.0.8, ios58 v24.31
    wiimc 1.1.8
    usbloadergx 1.0 r807
    neogamma r7 wiipower

    So, at the moment i mostly use it for playing .avi files using wiimc, streaming via pc.

    Ocassionally, i play some old games using the the loaders above.

    HERE IS THE THING. I am about to back up some newer games for my two little boys and want to know
    What is the best way to get up to date with the latest soft-mod so as we can play these games? Do i need to start over again or just update using a certain guide?

    I recently aquired Smurfs Dance blah and cannot get it to run, i figured maybe this is because my soft-mod is old maybe?

    Hope to hear from you soon

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    CFG loader using cIOS 249 [56] v21.

    and follow the softmod guide in my sig. if you used it before its been updated and very current.

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