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Thread: Have HBC & downloaded Wii game torrent file... now what?

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    Have HBC & downloaded Wii game torrent file... now what?

    So currently I have a soft-modded wii, with the Home Brew Channel.
    When I click on Homebrew Channel, I get taken to this page that has two boxes; one of them is USB loader GX. When I click on that, I get taken to this page with a bunch of games.

    What I'm trying to do is install another game. Since the system was given to me like this, I don't know how to go about doing so.

    The person who gave it to me connected a hard drive to the Wii, and I'm guessing that's where all the games are coming from.

    I downloaded a torrent with a bunch of files and copy & pasted all the files into the hard drive and plugged it into the wii, but the game doesn't show up :/

    I'm a total newbie at all this, can anyone tell me what to do? I'd really appreciate it, thanks in advance!!

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    this post reeks of fail, perhaps reading the rules would do you a tremendous favor, thread closed.


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