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Thread: HBC installation error; bootmii as boot2 works fine.

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    HBC installation error; bootmii as boot2 works fine.

    Hi all, my problem is that I am trying to softmod my wii (using the Softmod ANY Wii guide) and cannot yet begin the actual hacking portion, as I cannot install HBC. Seeing as my wii's software is at its 4.3U version, I used the Smash Stack exploit in order to launch the HackMii installer. The first time I launched it, I installed bootmii as boot2 prior to trying to install the homebrew channel. When I went to install HBC, it read off a page-long error unfamiliar to me (and I've searched through 7+ pages worth of topics involving installing HBC). Since I couldn't exit out of it in any way, I held my power button, hoping that my wii wasn't going to brick.

    When I restarted it with the SD card still in, the bootmii screen loaded, all four options, and I tested out making a NAND backup. Well, that worked too, took a while, had a few (7 or so) bad blocks, but it finished and verified the backup before I continued. I then tried to go to the homebrew channel directly from bootmii, and nothing happened. I tried a few more times, then decided to check my channels on my wii menu for it. It was not there.

    What I've tried already:
    Formatting the SD card and starting again from scratch (produced same results).
    Formatting the SD card and using a different guide, based on HBC errors and the multimod launcher (did not help either, and I couldn't syscheck through the apps).
    Much tedious searching for resolution.

    Any tips? Thanks in advance, and I apologize if I'm flame- or bash-worthy.

    P.S.: Facebook connect for laziness, woo.

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    What kind of SD card are you using?

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    I'm using a 2 gb sandisk card, so I don't think that could be anything to do with it. Sorry about the late response.

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    What is the error it gives when you try to install homebrew?

    Edit: You might want to ask for help in the guide. I'm sure Mauifrog, has a solution.

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    I'll have to recreate the error and post back when I get a chance. As you guys can tell, I don't use the internet a lot, so I apologize for delayed responses. I'll consider posting it in the guide, too, though.

    All I remember was that it was a black screen with white text and a whole lot of codes, no actual explanation of them IIRC. But I'll post the actual error within a couple days.

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