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Thread: Should I run original games with neogamma?

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    Should I run original games with neogamma?

    Hello! I have a 4.2U Wii, and I recently bought Goldeneye 007 (original). I had never played any original games before, not even Wii Sports (mine is backup), and I tried with the Disc Channel, but I got an error (002). I've already updated everthing with Pimp My Wii, but I still get this error. The thing is, I can run it with Neogamma, but I'd like to know if there is any problem (if you run something that is not original with Neogamma there's a small chance of your getting ban), is there the same chance with original games but using Neogamma? Can I access the Wi-Fi? I recieved a code to unlock stuff online, can I use it (using Neogamma) properly? I mean, is there any difference in these situations if you use the original game but don't use the Disc Channel? Because I quit trying to solve the Error 002 problem, if it's the same I'd keep using Neogamma.

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    There is no problem with using neogamma to run your original games.

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    OK, thanks a lot for the quick answer! Now I can use Neogamma knowing nothing bad can happen.


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