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Thread: Snes9X GX SMB Fileshare?

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    Snes9X GX SMB Fileshare?

    So I want to use SMB with Snes9X GX to access ROM and save files stored on my PC. This is so I can play on my Wii, then continue playing the same game on my PC.

    Now according to WiiBrew I need to alter this text in the settings.xml file:
    <section name="Network" description="Network Settings">
    <setting name="smbip" value="" description="Share Computer IP" />
    <setting name="smbshare" value="wiifiles" description="Share Name" />
    <setting name="smbuser" value="yourusername" description="Share Username" />
    <setting name="smbpwd" value="yourpassword" description="Share Password" />
    After enabling file share on the folder(s) containing the necessary files I'm not sure what to add to that text other than my IP address and (computer username & password?). Like how do I direct the emulator to the desired folders? I can't seem to find any documentation or tutorials on the matter.

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    You don't need to edit any files just add the information in settings.

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