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Game systems aren’t worth owning if they don’t have good games, right? With Nintendo’s recent price cut and and a not so stellar list of must-play games, many have stated that the 3DS is already a failure. The same was said about the original DS when it launched in 2004, but it went on to become the best selling handheld of all time. Interesting how things play out in the long run, isn’t it?

Well the price cut will bring in many new 3DS customers, there still needs to be a steady flow of fantastic games to keep the system going strong. Though there are only two or three games that I would recommend to a fellow Nintendo fan at the moment, there are almost a dozen great games waiting in the wings to make the 3DS the must-have piece of gaming technology it really is.

Star Fox 64 3D – Fox and friends return this September in the classic on-the-rails shooter from the Nintendo 64 era. Those who have had the chance to download the demo video from the eShop know that the visuals look slick and the 3D is going to blow our minds. With advanced control schemes, updated graphics, and additional multiplayer modes, SF643D is definitely worth a spin. You’ll be barrel rolling in no time.

Bit Trip Saga – A staple of the WiiWare family, the BIT TRIP series is a wonderfully quirky collection of games based around electronic music. BIT TRIP SAGA includes six BIT TRIP classics from the Wii in mind-altering 3D. The look of the BIT TRIP series is very simple, but don’t let that fool you. These games can be hard, VERY HARD. New comers will enjoy the fun techno environments of the games and hardcore players will surly appreciate the range of difficulty.

Harvest Moon 3D: Tale of Two Towns - The worlds most famous farming game is back! With an all new cast of characters and new farming elements, Tale of Two Towns looks to be the quintessential Harvest Moon for the 3DS. Every Harvest Moon to date has added more content and more territory to explore. ToTT is no different, giving players a choice of two different towns (go figure) as well as some new animals to manage. I’ve got one word for you – Alpacas!

Dr. Lautrec & the Forgotten Knights – Though many believe he is a Professor Layton rip-off, Dr. Lautrec looks to be an interesting and unique hero. Set in 1800′s Paris, the game follows Dr. Lautrec and his sidekick Sophie as they quest to solve crimes and dastardly puzzles throughout the city of love. Followed by a international crime syndicate known as the Knights of the Iron Mask, he must escape their clutches and bring them down by using his superior intellect.

Pokemon Rumble Blast - The first legitimate Pokemon game for the 3DS, Rumble Blast is the sequel to the WiiWare title Pokemon Rumble. Although not a traditional Pokemon game, Rumble Blast is focused on wind-up Pokemon action figures and their battles. With over 600 toy monsters to collect, StreetPass features, and a co-op mode, Pokemon Rumble Blast could be a sleeper hit of the coming Fall.

Super Mario 3D Land – Nintendo’s first Mario title for the 3DS, SM3DL is certainly one of the most anticipated games of the holiday season. The game seems to be mix of Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario Galaxy, two of the most acclaimed titles in Mario history. Featuring new and old elements of one of the most well-know icons in gaming, this Mario outing looks to be a must-have for any 3DS owner.

Cave Story 3D – Those who have played the original indie hit Cave Story know that the game is worth its weight in Mimigas. The story focuses on a robot named Quote who awakens in a strange underground land full of bunny-like people who are in desperate need of his help. The original is certainly one of the best platforming adventures in recent history. Although the original game is already available in the eShop, the reboot should be well worth the cash. With 3D graphics and completely re-rendered environments, Cave Story 3D might just surprise you.

Shinobi – Shinobi games have been around since the NES, and they have been loved by millions of gamers. Using ninja tactics, magic, and deadly weapons, the newest Shinobi game looks just as good, if not better, than its predecessors. Not much is known about this game, although it looks like a straight forward side-scrolling ninja-palooza. There appears to be a Smash Bros-like multiplayer mode as well, which makes it all the more interesting.

Sonic Generations - SEGA brings the blue blur to the 3DS in a game for the ages. Featuring a classic and a new-age Sonic, Generations is a love letter to Sonic fans of the past and present. Though the game is coming to other consoles, the 3DS version will have platform exclusive levels. Generations features side scrolling gameplay as well as two player battles and looks to be a blast from the past for all Sonic fans.

December and “Holiday”

Mario Kart 7 – A Mario Kart title has come out for every Nintendo system since the Super Nintendo, with the exception of the original Game Boy and Virtual Boy. One of the finest multiplayer games on the planet, Mario Kart has also been one of the best received racing games in Nintendo’s history. With so many Mario Karts under their belt, you’d think Nintendo would be running out of ideas, but that’s not the case. Not every feature of the new Mario Kart has been announced, but what has been revealed is very exciting. With new racing elements including hang gliding and submarine karts, MK7 will most likely be the ideal 3DS racing game. Woo hoo!

Kid Icarus Uprising - Though Uprising has been pushed back to 2012 in Europe, the game is still scheduled to hit North American shelves before the end of the year. Based on the classic Kid Icarus games from the NES and Game Boy, Uprising is bringing Pit to a new generation. Though he was featured in the Wii hit Super Smash Bros Brawl, Pit hasn’t ventured out on his own in over fifteen years. Uprising gameplay looks to be a mix between the Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, and Star Fox, which is quite possibly the best part about it. Though Pit can melee enemies on the ground, he can also snipe foes while in flight with is handy bow. With an extraordinary three-on-three online multiplayer and a great looking single player mode, Uprising could end up being the best 3DS game of the year.

Well, there you have it. Eleven games that should get you excited about the 3DS in the coming months. They may not all interest you, but I’m certain there’s one or two you would enjoy. Be sure to check 3DS Buzz everyday for more updates and reviews of great games like these.

Note: All game release months are based on the USA release schedule. They are subject to change.