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Thread: My Wii Doesn't Have Power.......Is it dead?

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    My Wii Doesn't Have Power.......Is it dead?

    ok, so i went to turn on the Wii for the kids and i noticed that it doesn't have any light (no power?).

    usually, it has the amber light when on standby, but now no light whatsoever.

    i tried unplugging the the power cord, and switching to different outlets. no use.

    so, is my wii dead? anything i can do to diagnose?

    thanks much!

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    Unplug the power block for about half an hour then try it. This will discharge the power strip fully and may work.

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    When its in standby mode the Wii isnt actually off all the way. When I first bought my Wii I figured Id leave on WiiConnect24 (amber light) but noticed my Wii was super hot when it was in standby. Further research turned up the fact that the Wii will actually stay on but the fan wont run which can lead to premature failure of the Wii. So, yes your Wii is probably dead and WiiConnect24 may have been the culprit. Bummer dude, at least they are cheap now compared to a year ago.


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