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    Exclamation bricked wii

    Ok so I have a wii (bought it the first day on the market) that is Hard modded with a wiikey and also softmodded. I did something REAL dumb the other night. When downgrading my system menu from 4.2 to 4.1 i accidentally used the EUROPE files instead of the USA files, which FULLY bricked my wii.

    I do have a NAND backup, as well as bootmii installed, but I figure its not as boot2 since it doesnt load at startup, just a black screen!! Does Anyone know if i could unbrick my wii?! Help is GREATLY appreciated!

    PS- I tried savemiifrii and it did not work.

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    i gave you your own thread in the brick section
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    Bootmii as boot2 wont start up straight away if your wii is bricked. You need the bootmii folder off your sd card for bootmii to run. Try looking for it on your computer and if not, look on google.

    Just to confirm that you have boot2 bootmii, turn on your wii without a disc on the drive. How many times does the disc drive flash?


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