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Thread: Unable to load games, regardless of IOS, black screen and/or crash.

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    Unable to load games, regardless of IOS, black screen and/or crash.

    Hello, I'm not at all sure if this is the right place for this post, but here goes...long story short, I installed d2x-v6 [56] to IOS 249 and [57] to IOS 250, and whammo! no games will load, a few show their opening titles before crashing to black, but most just go black. I also have the Rodries MOD of Hermes cIOS v5.1 installed as follows... IOS 222 [38], 223 [37], 224 [57], 225 [60], 202 [60]. I know all of my backups are in good working order, and have tried two different hard drives, (one WBFS, and one FAT32) with the same results. Using USB Loader GX v.2.2 build 1100. Have also tried CFG v70. I have come to the end of my limited knowledge, and could use some expert advice. Thank you.

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    Sounds like a missing IOS 58

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    Solved! No need for the Syscheck, it turned out to be two things: 1) d2x installed on the wrong base, and 2) my WBFS partition became corrupted (I know not how) and forced me to re-rip about half my games. I have since moved to FAT32...nuff said. Anyway, thanks so much for the replies. By the way, I thought about a missing IOS 58 myself, but its sitting pretty, right where it should be, thanks again!

    But I am confused about one point, and maybe this is a n00b question, but I have to ask: All the tutorials I've read say to install d2x via 236 and use 249 with a base of 56 and 250 with a base of 57, the 250 with base 57 I understand, for games like Black Ops, and I know cIOSX allows you to choose your bases, but when I installed d2x in 249 with base 56, it didn't work for me, my current setup has d2x installed in 249 with a base of 38, and it works beautifully. I kept the d2x in 250 with base 57 for Black Ops. Is my setup off the wall? Just asking, because it makes more sense to me than the setup in the tutorials.
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