Ok, I got my internet upgraded today and get 25 Mbps when connected with a wired LAN cable. But when I use the wireless I only get about 16-20 Mbps. 16-20 is still very fast and I can deal with it, but I download large files regularly and would like the extra 5-10 Mbps! lol

So when I want to download large files I would want to use the wired connection for the 25 Mbps, but WiiMC won't connect to my SMB Shares when I use the wired connection.

I'm trying to find out if there is a way to get my shared folders to show on my Wii while my laptop is connected with an Ethernet cable to the router, rather then using wireless.

I want to utilize the 25 Mbps connection (wired), while still having access to my shared folders on my PC using the wireless (16-20 Mbps).

I know wireless cards handle like 54 Mbps, but it's only like 20 Mbps in actuality. So is there a way for me to still use my shared folders while connected to the router using a cable?

Hopefully this hasn't been asked, as I couldn't find any topics like this. Also hope it can be done, and its something simple! Thanks, and if this is a stupid question...I am sorry! Hope to see some replies with others that have solved the same issue!